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     Columns of the basilica of 1935 year on sea background.
     Sevastopol. Chersonesos. August storm.
     North-Crimean canal.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel. Inlaid icon.
     Sevastopol. Port bay.
     Sevastopol. Cape Hrustalniy.
     Sevastopol. Dome of the tower of Winds.
     Basilica of 1935 year and the columns.
     Krakow building.
     Sevastopol. Tower of Winds. Nott with a pitcher.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel. Angel.
     Minsk. The monument.
     Sailer and sunset.
     St. Vladimir church and a column.
     Winged boy. Minsk.
     Memorial on Primorsky Boulevard. To the hero-ships perished in battles.
     Night Minsk.
     Karlovy Vary. Flower-bed.
     Chersonesos. Two columns of the basilica of 1935 year.
     Sevastopol. A yacht.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel. Arch with three bells.
     Karlovy Vary. Carriage.
     Sevastopol. Chersonesos. August storm and sunset.
     Odessa. The street.
     Sunset in Sevastopol.
     Sevastopol Lunacharsky Theatre.
     Sevastopol. Kornilov monument on Malakhov Hill.
     Minsk. Library building.
     A part of Chersonesos defensive wall and a st. Vladimir church.
     Rain in Kiev.
     Sevastopol. Blue fur and a lamp.
     Sevastopol. A launch floating in a bay.
     Basilica of 1935 year in Chersonesos.
     Sevastopol. Chersonesos. Saint Vladimir Church.
     Fog bell.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel - fragment 3.
     Basilica of 1935 year and the sea.
     Sevastopol. Central Hill. Tower of Winds.
     Summer Chersonesos. Basilica of 1935 year.
     Sevastopol. Chersonesos. A breaker-wave.
     Sevastopol. Tower of Winds. Zephyr with flowers.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel. Gilded angel.
      sailer in the sunset light.
     Chersonesos ruins. Arch openings.
     Chersonesos. Basilica in the basilica.
     Sevastopol. Saint Vladimir Church in Chersonesos.
     Chersonesos. Ancient street.
     Sevastopol. Launch.
     Sevastopol. Summer storm in Chersonesos.
     Minsk. The road.
     Zeno tower.
     Chersonesos. A picture of the basilica of 1935 year and the sea.
     Sevastopol. Nikita apartment balcony.
     White lonely boat.
     Sevastopol. Stela in Artbuhta.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Dome of the chapel decorated with gilded angel.
     Ancient quarters.
     A part of defending wall in Chersonesos.
     The Sunken Ships Monument in Sevastopol.
     Winter mountains.
     South Coast of the Crimea.
     Rocky mountains of the South Coast.
     Jur-Jur waterfall in the spring.
     Walls of the Sudak fortress.
     Sudak view from the fortress.
     A fairy-tale cat. Sculpture in Kiev.
     Lady and her admirer. Sculpture in Kiev.
     Armyansk. A small path in the field.
     St. Vladimir church and an arch.
     Red-roofed pergjla in Chersonesos.
     Vladimirsky Cathedral on city hill.
     Entrance of Balaklava Bay.
     View of Balaklava from Genoese fortress.
     Rocky beach near Balaklava.
     View of Genoese fortress and bay entrance from the mountain path.
     Saint Vladimir church in Chersonesos.
     Stele of SaintGeorge in Victory Park.
     Top part of Saint George monument.
     Memorial on Malakhov barrow.
     Eternal flame on Malakhov barrow after reconstruction in spring 2009.
     Black cannon discovered in 1956 on Malakhov barrow.
     One of the cannons on Malakhov barrow.
     Eternal flame pillar on Malakhov barrow.
     Cannon-ball cross under Kornilov monument.
     Nakhimov monument in Sevastopol.
     Alley of Hero-cities in Sevastopol.
     Central library building in Sevastopol.
     Tower and spire of Matrossky Club.
     Ships in Sevastopol bay.
     Yacht sailing by Konstantinovsky ravelin.
     Ships in the bay - view from Leninsky Komsomol square.
     Slopes of Zailiysky Alatau (Trans-Ili Alatau).
     Flood in the mountains of Zailiysky Alatau.
     Blue flowers on Zailiysky Alatau slopes.
     Zailiysky Alatau (Trans-Ili Alatau).

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