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     Sylphide anemones. Two flowers.
     Marigolds with rain drops.
     Canna lily Cleopatra - yellow with red dots.
     Flowers of Mr. Fokker anemones.
     Sunflower Teddy Bear begins to bloom.
     Pale-lilac flower with yellow center.
     Red white primrose.
     Rosy flower of magnolia.
     Daffodil (narcissus) Tahiti.
     A double snowdrop flower.
     Yellow flower coreopsis and a bug.
     Bright-pink water lily with a bud.
     Aquilegia William Guinness.
     Two rosy peonies.
     Image of red poppy flower
     Pink zinnia.
     Pink and white daisies in Chersonesos.
     Purple Columbine flowers.
     Blue anemones Mr. Fokker.
     Ipheion uniflorum Wisley Blue.
     Two Cosmos flowers.
     Crimson primrose Alaska Rose.
     Cosmos flower and a shield-bug.
     Water-lily and reflection.
     Marigold - 3.
     A pussy-willow sprig.
     Double zinnia Crimson Monarch
     Anemone flowers in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pale pink Cosmos flower with eight petals.
     Bright yellow ornamental sunflower Teddy Bear.
     Image of marigold flower-bed
     Dark pink aquilegia.
     Crimean thistle.
     Two water lilies in Nikitsky Botanical Garden pond.
     Two snowdrops.
     Maroon Marigold.
     Rose aquilegia flower.
     Pink flower
     Summer Gaillardia.
     Iris Bold fashion.
     Apricot blooming.
     Purple Echinacea.
     White cerastium - snow-in-summer.
     Snowball tree corymb of white flowers.
     Poppy anemones in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     First spring dandelion.
     Snowdrop flower. Close up.
     Autumn yellow flower.
     Magenta zinnia flower.
     Pussy-willow catkins close-up.
     Orange primrose Target Orange
     Deeppink cosmos flower with yellow center.
     Bright-pink nymphea (water-lily).
     White lilac blossom.
     Marigold flowers Safari Scarlet.
     Viburnum inflorescence.
     Anemones blooming in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Double zinnia Violet
     Bright orange zinnia flower.
     Almond flower.
     Yellow daffodils.
     Pussy-willow flowering shoots.
     Bright pink head of thistle.
     Marigold flowers Bonanza Bolero.
     Rosy bloom on a tree.
     Magenta mallow.
     Iris Luxor Gold.
     Double daisy of pink colour.
     Water lily flowers in a pond.
     Marigold flowers after autumn rain.
     Pale-purple wisteria blossom.
     Flower of purple Aquilegia.
     Yellow autumn flower.
     Yellow daffodil Katie Heath.
     Orange flowers of dimorphoteca.
     Marigold Pinwheel.
     Bright-pink thistle on a lawn.
     Bright pink Cosmos flower.
     Pussy-willow catkins.
     Two Echinacea flowers.
     Bicolor iris First Sensation.
     Coreopsis - yellow flower.
     Glade of snowdrops, first spring flowers.
     Salmon flowers of the climbing rose.
     Sylphide anemones.
     Red hibiscus flower (rosemallow).
     Bright-rose aquilegia flower.
     Purple aquilegia William Guinness.
     Royal crown flower. Close-up.
     Red poppy flower.
     Ornamental sunflower Teddy Bear.
     Pale-pink mallow flower.
     A snowdrop flower under the rays of winter sun.
     Aquilegia Golden Dwarf.
     Red zinnia flower among green leaves.
     Orange flowers Eschscholtzia (california poppy).
     Apple-tree blossom.
     Pale-pink flower.
     A white forest flower with purple dots.
     Dark-blue forest flower. 
     Iris Stage Lights.
     Gaillardia on a flower-bed.
     Blue ornamental flower.
     Cerastium flower close-up.
     Small pink flowers on a bed in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pussy-willow sprig.
     White Cosmos flower on a bed, Historical Boulevard.
     A forest peony.
     Purple aquilegia William Guinness.
     White daisies on a flower-bed.
     Oxythyrea funesta on anemone flower.
     Zinnia flowers.
     Snowdrops in the garden, close-up.
     Leatherleaf viburnum (Viburnum Rhytidophyllum). A white inflorescence with dark-green leaves.
     White downy flower.
     Iris Chocolate Swirl.
     Lilac beriies of Calicarpa Bodinierii Profusion.
     Wooly pussy-willow catkins.
     Dwarf Iris with blue beards.
     Flowers of primula Select Red.
     Double zinnia Polar Bear
     Slate-blue iris flower.
     Greater celandine flower.
     Thistle head.
     Poppies in Chersonesos.
     Kniphofia (Tritoma).
     Two purple forest flowers.
     Chinese snowball (Viburnum macrocephalum).
     Brugmansia: Angel's Trumpet.
     Apple tree brunch in blossom.
     Yellow dandelion.
     Racemes of wisteria - climbung vine.
     Orange marigold flowers.
     Spiraea (Meadowsweet) flowers.
     Canna-lily Wyoming of orange colour.
     Common Mallow (Malva Sylvestris).
     Pale-pink gladiolus.
     A hip.
     White inflorescence of Leatherleaf Viburnum.
     Crimson mallow.
     Uncommon furry spikelet.
     Lilac flower.
     Primrose bed with orange and pink flowers.
     Water-lily surrounded by dark-green leaves.
     Chersonesos daisies.
     Crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis rubra).
     Autumn flowers of pink Cosmos.
     Crimson flower of Cosmos.
     Pale-pink Cosmos flower.
     Double sunflower Teddy Bear.
     Blue autumn flowers of Crimean woods.
     Bright pink geranium flowers.
     Canna-lily Unost' (Youth) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Pink flower Ageratum.
     Inflorescence with lilac and white flowers.
     Funny forest-flower with fishtail shaped petals.
     Bright-yellow daisy-like flower with a bud.
     Yellow dandelion close-up.
     Forest daisy with pale-pink petals.
     Delicate flowers of Scilla Difolia.
     Wild yellow flower looks like Buttercup.
     White daisy on a flower-bed.
     White flower looks like lily of the valley.
     Tiny blue foget-me-not flowers with yellow centers.
     Pink daisies in Nikitsky Garden.
     Cluster of ivory flowers with purple veins.
     Thistle bud with bright-pink top.
     Flower of lilac colour with five petals.
     Meadow flowers of yellow colour.
     Small yellow dandelion flower.
     Wild camomile (Matricaria chamomilla).
     Red poppy pistil and stamens close-up.
     Wild bur with pink flower.
     Orange flower of calendula close-up.
     White daisies - queens of sping garden.
     Bright pink flower of Compositae family.
     Yellow daylily (Hemerocallis L.) with buds.
     Pale-pink daylily flower surrounded with leaves.
     Plant with small white flowers.
     Jasmin flower after the rain
     Jasmin bud with rain drops
     Jasmin after the rain
     Jasmin sprig with folded flowers
     Jasmin twig with rain drops
     Flower buds with raindrops
     Poppy flower with raindrops
     Wild fennel (Nigella damascena)
     Calendula flower with raindrops
     Meadowsweet (spirea)

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