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     Autumn bloom of rose Lezginka.
     Rose Feodosiyskaya Krasavitsa (Feodosia Beauty).
     Climbing rose Crimean Sun.
     Mauve rose Shocking Blue.
     Bicolor rose with pale-yellow petals red to the edges.
     Rose Ave Maria with raindrops.
     Red dew-dropped rose.
     Cream-coloured rosebud.
     Hybrid-tea Mabella rose of yellow colour.
     Rosebud with dewdrops.
     Pale-pink rose opening.
     Miniature rose Rouletii.
     Rose opening.
     Bicolor rose Bright Fantasy.
     Gloria Dei rose. Climbing genus.
     Red and white rose.
     Rose Childhood (Detstvo) of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Pink star-shaped rose.
     Large red rose with dew-drops.
     Rose bud with dewdrops on its petals.
     Bicolor rose Marvelle.
     A couple of roses Mandarin.
     Hybrid-tea rose Blagovest (translation from Russian - Toll, Church-going Bell).
     Rose Paradise - mauve with crimson edges.
     Cream-coloured rose of Nikitsky garden.
     Burgund rose.
     Yellow tea rose.
     Pink rose decorated with tiny white flowers.
     Hybrid tea rose Bright Fantasy. Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Pink rose with cream-yellow stripes.
     Red-white rose Cherry Meidiland inflorescence.
     Bicolor rose: white petals with reddish glow.
     Pink rose.
     Salmon rose with rain drops on its petals.
     Pink starshaped rose with dew drops.
     Rose Grande Amore.
     Dew-dropped rose. Close-up.
     Miniature rose Cinderella.
     Autumn cream-coloured rose.
     Classic rosebud of pink colour.
     Rose Tropicana. Half-opened bud.
     Rose Samba. Close-up.
     Hybrid tea rose Kronenbourg. Nikitsky Botanical Garden introduction.
     Bicolor rose Oranges and Lemons.
     Two double tea-roses.
     A white rose with lacy petals.
     Pink rose bouquet decorated with white "snowflakes".
     Golden rose Mabella with a bud.
     Tea-rose of pale-pink colour.
     Rose Black Baccara.
     Pale-orange tea-rose.
     Big Purple rose (Nuit d'Orient). Nikitsky Botanical Garden introduction.
     Orange rose with buds.
     Half-opened red rose with dew-drops.
     Orange Prominent rose.
     Autumn rose from Nikitsky garden.
     Floribunda rose Oranges and Lemons.
     Hybrid-tea rose bud .
     Hybrid tea rose Wimi.
     Hybrid Tea rose. Sort: Golden Autumn. Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Pink rose for a wedding bouquet.
     Red rose Marichka. Floribunda of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Golden Jubilee. Hybrid Tea rose.
     Lezghin rose opening.
     Anabell rose.
     White rose with two buds.
     Rose and rose-bud - 2.
     Floribunda rose Pussta.
     Beautiful rose Prominent.
     Angelica rose with inner petals turned round.
     Scarlet rose with dew-drops.
     Beautiful pink rose of Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Orange rose after rain.
     Hybrid tea rose Angelique.
     Velvet orange rose with dew drops.
     Poufy rose flower of pink colour.
     Scarlet star-shaped rose flower.
     Miniature orange rose Sunmaid.
     A pink rosebud opening.
     Pink rose growing in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Salmon-pink rose decorated with tiny white flowers.
     White tea-rose Anastasia.
     Dew-dropped rose bud Lydia.
     Michele Meilland rose.
     Rose Rugelda.
     Rose Childhood of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Rose Salzburg. Inflorescence.
     Rose bud Pullman Orient Express.
     Pink rose bud opening.
     Rose Auguste Renoir.
     Rose Tatjana.
     A pink rose with buds.
     A pink rose on a palm-leaf background.
     Two flowers of white climbing rose.
     Orange-salmon rose.
     A yellow rose starts blooming.
     Miniature rose Sunmaid of orange colour.
     Crimson rosebud.
     Climbing rose sprig with flower and buds.
     Grandiflora rose Lezghin.
     Red Chersonesos rose.
     Bouquet rose - 1.
     Miniature golden-orange rose Sunmaid.
     Climbing rose Crimean Sunrise, cream white edged with pink.
     Hybrid tea rose Big Purple (Nuit d'Orient).
     Orange rose.
     White rose shaded with pink.
     Crimean Gem. Floribunda rose of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Rose Oranges and Lemons. Nikitsky Botanical Garden introduction.
     Hybrid tea rose Mabella.
     Angelique rose bud.
     Kronenbourg rose petals.
     Red rose Dame de Coeur.
     Michele Meilland rose.
     Crimean Gem rose.
     Wimi rose of pink colour.
     Rose Crimean Sun of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Bicolor rose with red-white petals.
     Rose and rose-bud - 1.
     Rose Golden Jubilee. Selection of Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pink rose with the blue sky in the background.
     Pink rose on a flower bed
     Bicolor rosebud, red edged with yellow.
     Yellow rose Helmut Schmidt.
     Rosebud with a petal bent aside.
     Opening rose Ave Maria with a bud.
     White climbing rose.
     Bright-pink rose Baronne Prevost.
     Rose with buds in Chersonesos.
     Scarlet rosebud Chrysler Imperial.
     Pink climbing rose with buds.
     Pink climbing rose opening.
     Tea rose with buds.
     Pink-white rose.
     Rose bud with curled petals.
     Gloria Dei rosebud opening.
     Grandiflora rose Korallovyj Sjurpriz (Coral Surprise).
     Deep-pink rose with white "eye".
     Ground Covering rose Nozomi.
     Miniature rose Baby Bunting.
     Hybrid tea rose Rozoviy Waltz (Pink Waltz).
     Floribunda Marichka of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Red and white rose of NBG collection.
     Rose with red "blush".
     Green rose Jim of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Floribunda Cyclamen.
     Pale-yellow rose Selena with dew-drops.
     Hybrid-tea rose Portrait.
     White rose Iceberg (Schneewittchen).
     Floribunda Bella Rosa.
     Pale yellow tea-rose Gloria Dei.
     Rose Blagovest (translation from Russian - Toll, Church-going Bell) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Rose Pussta, foreign selection.
     Light-pink autumn rose.
     Famous rose Blue Nile.
     Climbing rose Fontaine.
     Flower of miniature rose Sunmaid.
     Cascade of pink miniature roses.
     Hybrid-tea rose Peter Frankenfeld.
     White and pink flowers of rose Cinderella.
     Beautiful rose from Nikitsky garden.
     Climbing rose Kordes Brilliant.
     Rose Sylvia - Nikitsky garden introduction.
     Two flowers of red rose Florentina.
     Hybrid-tea rose Dame de Coeur.
     Rose Krimsky Samotsvet (translation from Russian - Crimean Gem) with buds.
     Cherry Meidiland - red rose with white center.
     Pale orange-red rose Lezghinka.
     Red rose Adjimushkai.
     White climbing rose R. Fortuneana.
     Pink-salmon climber rose Rosanna.
     Famous rose Gloria Dei.
     Two roses Angelica blooming.
     Rose Lezginka of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Rose Korallovy Surpriz (translation from Russian - Coral Surprise) opening.
     Hybrid tea rose Blue Nile.
     Climbing rose Devich'yi Gryozi (translation from Russian - Girlish Dreams).
     Bud of red rose Erotica.
     Rose Vesenneye Utro (translation from Russian - Spring Morning).
     White rambler rose Alberic Barbier.
     Red rosebud of Fontaine (Red Prince).
     Hybrid tea rose Ave Maria (or Sunburnt Country).
     Miniature rose Mr. Bluebird.
     Miniature rose Dwarfking (Zwergkönig).
     Rose Rozoviy Waltz (translation from Russian - Pink Waltz).
     Rose Ogni Yalti (translation from Russian - Lights of Yalta).
     White flowers of R. Multiflora.
     Pink rose Greta with buds.
     Large flower of rose Peter Frankenfeld.
     Rose Marichka at the peak of its flowering.
     Yellow rose Landora begins to bloom.
     Rose Major Gagarin - grandiflora of NBG selection.
     Polyantha roses Lady Reading.
     Two roses Professor Ivanov - grandiflora of NBG selection.
     Red rose Rosa-Rita bat Meyer of NBG selection.
     Pink rose with reddish glow on its petals.
     Rose Gloria Dei with dewdrops and a bee on the petal.
     Red rose begins to open its bud.
     Krimskaya Raduga (translation from Russian - Crimean Rainbow) - grandiflora of NBG selection.
     Climber rose General MacArthur.
     White flower of ground-cover rose Snow Ballet.
     Hybrid Tea rose Lady Rose.
     Red bud of rose Tassin.
     Pink rose Klimentina opening.
     Rose Big Purple from Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pink Hybrid Tea rose Mascotte.
     Climber rose Casino of yellow colour.
     Red flowers of climber rose Sympathie.
     Climber rose Polka-Babochka of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Rose Lydia - red with orange blend.
     Large-flowered climber rose Flammentanz.
     Pink rose with many petals.
     Golden-yellow rose with orange blend.
     Rose Vesennaya Zarya (translation from Russian - Spring Daybreak).
     Rose Krimsky Samotsvet (translation from Russian - Crimean Gem) opening.
     Light-yellow floribunda Atoll.
     Climber rose Yaltinskie Zvezdi (translation from Russian - Yalta Stars).
     White carpet rose Ahtear.
     Hybrid tea rose Saint-Exupery (Waltz Time).
     White flower of rose Swany.
     Hybrid musk rose Ballerina.
     Hybrid tea rose Canary.
     White climber rose Schwanensee.
     Two roses Wimi (Willy Millowitsch).
     Double flower of bicolor rose.
     Floribunda Plamya Vostoka (translation from Russian - Flame of the East).
     Two hybrid tea roses Ambiance.
     Red floribunda Lilli Marlene.
     Rose Gurzuf of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Yellow rose with veins on its petals.
     Bud of grandiflora rose Mishor.
     Cluster of white rose Iceberg.
     Bud of pale-purple rose Blue Nile.
     Red floribunda Nina Weibull.
     Floribunda Shocking Blue: flower and rosebud.
     Hybrid tea rose Pristine.
     Orange-red rose Prominent.
     Flower of climber rose Polka-Babochka.
     Climbing rose Jim with buds.
     Two flowers of rose Angelica.
     Red roses Fontaine flowering in cluster.
     Orange-red rose Ogni Yalti (translation from Russian - Lights of Yalta).
     Rose Major Gagarin begins to bloom.
     Cream-yellow grandiflora Selena of NBG selection.
     Roses Detstvo (translation from Russian - Childhood) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     White floribunda Edelweiss.
     Red floribunda rose Yarkaya Zvyozdochka (translation from Russian - Bright Star).
     Salmon-red grandiflora Montezuma.
     Pink bud of rose Ocharovanie (translation from Russian - Fascination).
     Hybrid Tea rose Mexicana.
     Bud of hybrid tea rose Nicole.
     Rose Kronenbourg begins to bloom.
     Yellow rose Helmut Schmidt withering.
     Dark-red rose Deep Secret.
     White rose with pink blend on the petals.
     Yellow rose Gloria Dei with pink blend.
     Red grandiflora Samourai (Scarlet Knight).
     Orange hybrid-tea rose Typhoon.
     Yellow floribunda Sunsilk.
     Adjimushkaj - Kordes rose of NBG selection.
     Rose Korallovyj Sjurpriz (translation from Russian - Coral Surprise) grown in Nikitsky garden.
     Pink flower of rose Major Gagarin.
     Pink grandiflora Feodosijskaja Krasavica (translation from Russian - Feodosia Beauty).
     Pink and butter-yellow grandiflora Gurzuf.
     Rose Lady Reading close-up.
     Red rose Adjimushkaj of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Rose Klimentina begins to bloom.
     Red rose Pestraja Fantazija (translation from Russian - Bright Fantasy) with white stripes.
     Large-flowered hybrid-tea rose Paradise.
     Hybrid-tea rose Oranzhevoe Plamja (translation from Russian - Orange Flame).
     Dark-red rose Champs-Elysées.
     American rose Diamond Jubilee.
     Hybrid-tea rose Marina Steven of NBG selection.
     Full-opened flower of floribunda Cyclamen.
     Hybrid-tea rose Utro Moskvy (translation from Russian - Moscow Morning).
     Yellow floribunda Friesia of Kordes selection.
     Red rose Konrad Henkel.
     Buds of white rose Grand Mogul.
     Red rose Smuglyanka (translation from Russian - Swarthy Girl).
     Bowed rose Vodopad (translation from Russian - Waterfall).
     Red climber rose Gutsulochka.
     Red and yellow rose Caribia.
     Orange-red rose Bischofsstadt Paderborn.
     Pink and white hybrid rugosa Abelzieds.
     Pink rose flower from Nikitsky Garden.
     Hybrid rugosa F. J. Grootendorst.
     Hybrid rugosa Pink Grootendorst.
     Pink bud of rose Paris Charm.
     Pink hybrid-tea rose Sylvia.
     Bud of the rose Wimi begins to open.
     Salmon-orange rose Taifun.
     Large-flowered climber rose Westfalenpark.
     Climber rose Vesnjanka of NBG selection.
     Two white roses Ritausma.
     Hybrid-tea rose Emmy of NBG selection.
     Old garden rose Yunost (translation from Russian - Youth).
     Red climbing rose Grandessa.
     White with pink blend Rosa Indica Loureiro.
     Crimson climber rose Heidelberg.
     Yellow noisette rose Maréchal Niel.
     Gallica rose Président de Sèze.
     Groundcover rose Fair Play.
     Climbing rose Bagroviy Zakat (translation from Russian - Purple Sundown).
     Pink climbing rose Solnechnaya Dolina (translation from Russian - Sunny Valley)
     Lavender-pink flower of rose Mr. Bluebird.
     Rose Baby Bunting at the peak of blooming.
     Flower of rose Ambiance. Close-up.
     Rose Big Purple begins to bloom.
     A cluster of yellow roses

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