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     Red wild berries on a sprig.
     Silver Berry (Elaeagnus argentea) on the canal shore in Armyansk.
     Knobbles on a fir-tree twig.
     Chestnut bud.
     Cherry-tree buds on a sprig.
     Withered bolls of goldenrain tree (Koelreuteria paniculata).
     New leaves.
     Plum-tree in blossom.
     Wild vine.
     A chestnut on a stub.
     Maple leaf.
     Blue fur.
     White almond flowers.
     Red currant ripening on a twig.
     Fir cones.
     Cypress from Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pine sprigs.
     Platan ball-shaped cluster of seeds.
     Japanese quince (Chaenomeles) flowers.
     Flowering almond-tree.
     Forsythia flowers.
     Spring hello.
     Quince-tree ovary-fruit with withered petals.
     Maple with golden leaves .
     New knobbles on a fir-tree sprig.
     Fiery-red maple.
     Pink blossom on a tree branch.
     Egg-shaped cones on a fir-tree.
     Boletus luteus under pine needles.
     Wild black berries.
     Ripening blackberries.
     Opened chestnut.
     Pink buds starting to bloom.
     Autumn apricot-tree.
     Yellow forsythia blooming.
     Three ball-shaped platan seed clusters.
     Oval-shaped fir cones on a tree.
     Japanese quince (Chaenomeles).
     Pink blossom on a tree.
     Pine brunchlet.
     Ripening cherry-plums.
     Last season cone on pine-tree needles.
     Moss on a dead twig.
     Tall relic tree in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Boletus rubellus with red cap.
     A bolete from Crimean woodlands.
     Lactarius torminosus
     Pine-tree on a mountain slope near Balaklava.
     Spring buds on a tree sprig.
     White blossom on a tree with green leaves.
     Clusters of wisteria with light purple flowers.
     Chestnut pyramid blossom with white flowers.
     White flowers of Spiraea bush.
     A toadstool with grey scales.
     Puffball (Lycoperdon perlatum).
     Ink Cap (Coprinopsis atramentaria).
     Lepiota cristata (Fr.) Kumm.
     Newly appeared Coprinopsis atramentaria.
     Two mushrooms among fallen leaves.
     A fungus of Hydnaceae family.

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