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     Tulips in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Red and white tulip Pinocchio.
     Fringed tulip Bell Song of pink colour.
     A tulip in the green.
     Crimson tulip with a green leaf.
     Apricot tulip Dawnglow.
     Peony tulip Peach Melba
     Orange flower of liliaceous tulip Ballerina.
     Yellow-and-orange tulips President Kennedy.
     Black tulip Cafe Noir.
     White tulip Portofino with red blend.
     Red tulip with curled petals blend yellow.
     Red tulip with pale patches on the petals.
     Flower-bed of yellow tulips President Kennedy.
     Yellow West Point tulip.
     Four bright yellow with red tulips Cape Cod.
     Bicolor tulip Gavota: chocolate with yellow edges.
     Tulip Purple Haze.
     Bicolor tulip on a new flower-bed in Nikitsky garden.
     Tulip President Kennedy bowed in the shadow.
     Red white double tulip Gerbrand Kieft.
     Flower of tulip Cape Cod. Close-up.
     Two opened flowers of tulip Pinocchio.
     Red tulip Davenport with fringed petals.
     Two-colored double tulip Monsella.
     Tulips President Kennedy. Close-up.
     Pink tulip on a show in Nikitsky garden.
     Red liliaceous tulip Aladdin.
     Two orange tulips President Kennedy among the yellow ones.
     Bright pink Ballade tulip with white petal edges.
     Red tulip Davenport with goldish fringe on the petals
     Tulip flower bed with a bee flying over.
     White tulip Shirley with pink blend.
     Yellow orange tulip President Kennedy.
     Bright yellow tulips with red blend.
     Two yellow tulips Fringed Golden Apeldoorn.
     Yellow tulips opened to the sun.
     Tulip of yellow colour blend pink.
     Tulips President Kennedy in a garden.
     Image of ruffled tulip Red Parrot.
     Liliaceous tulip Marilyn with pink flames on white petals.
     Light-brown tulip in Nikitsky Garden.
     Three red-white Portofino tulips with red edging.
     Dark purple fringed tulip Curly Sue.
     Photo of bright orange tulips with yellow blend.
     Three fringed Davenport tulip flowers.
     Tulips President Kennedy on a flower-bed.
     Pale pink tulip Blushing Lady.
     Yellow tulip Portofino with red flames on the petals.
     Bicolor pink-white tulip.
     Two pink tulips in late spring.
     Large tulip with purple dots on the petals.
     Orange tulip flowers in the garden.
     Ivory tulips with red flames on the petals.
     Opened tulip President Kennedy.
     Endless field of tulips Cape Cod.
     Fringed bright-yellow tulip Hamilton.
     Frail rosy tulip.
     Yellow tulip Fringed Golden Apeldoorn from Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Ruffled tulip Black Parrot.
     Dawnglow Tulip from Nikitsky garden.
     Golden-red Portofino tulip.
     Tulip Blushing Lady of pink colour.
     Pink tulips Ballade with white petal edges.
     Opened flower of tulip President Kennedy.
     Dew drops on a white tulip Portofino.
     Orange tulip in the garden.
     A flower-bed with black and white tulips in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Two tulips: Marilyn and Mariette.
     Flowercup of tulip President Kennedy.
     Dolls Minuet Tulip. Viridiflora.
     Two chocolate tulips Gavota with yellow border.
     A tulip with yellow-pink petals.
     Black tulip Curly Sue with fringed petals.
     Yellow tulip Cape Cod with red strips on the petals.
     Orange tulip Ballerina.
     White tulip Marilyn with crimson flames.
     Flower-bed with yellow tulips President Kennedy.
     White tulip Portofino with dew drops.
     Yellow with pink blend tulip flower.
     Fringed tulip Davenport of orange colour.
     Classic red tulip.
     Downglow tulip of NBG collection.
     Yellow tulips President Kennedy.
     Flower-bed of many-colored tulips.
     Two tulips Davenport, orange with yellow fringe.
     Pale-yellow tulip Dasystemon.
     Large double tulips Gerbrand Kieft.
     A clump of Cape Cod tulips in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Liliaceous tulip Mariette of pink colour.
     Three Rosario tulips on a lawn.
     Tulip Fidelio, orange with yellow blend.
     Flower-bed with tulips: Hamilton and Davenport.
     Orange tulip President Kennedy, view from above.
     Yellow fringed tulips with red stripes.
     White liliaceous tulip.
     Dark-red tulip Gavota with yellow stripes.
     Purple tulip Passionale.
     Double flower of tulip Orange Princess.
     Red-white tulip Portofino with dewdrops
     Yellow fringed tulip with red strips.
     Pink tulip Mariette on a flower-bed.
     Brown tulip of Nikitsy botanical garden.
     Two orange tulips President Kennedy among the yellow ones.
     White bud of tulip Portofino.
     Tulip White Triumphator.
     Pink tulip Mariette from Nikitsky botanical garden
     Two tulips President Kennedy among the leaves.
     White tulip with purple glow on the petals.
     Red tulips Aladdin blooming in the spring.
     Parrot tulip Texas Gold begins to bloom.
     Viridiflora tulip China Town.
     Late double tulip Blue Diamond.
     Dark-pink peony tulip Queen of Marvel.
     Tulip Mirazh (translation from Russian - Mirage) with a bee flying over.
     Tulip Sineokiy (translation from Russian - Blue-eyed) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Red-and-yellow tulip Flaming Gold.
     Red Darvin hybrid tulip Oxford.
     Orange Darvin hybrid tulip My Lady.
     In the flower of tulip Olimpic Flame.
     Triumph tulip Judith Leyster.
     Orange tulip Koningin Wilhelmina.
     White fringed tulip Daytona.
     Two pink tulips Fringed Family.
     Large-flowered orange-red tulip Scarborough.
     Pink tulips Hadley with white bottom.
     Peony tulip Orange Princess.
     Lily-flowered tulip Ballade White.
     Viridiflora tulip Green Village.
     Tulip Holland's Glory (or Holland's Glorie).
     Two yellow-red tulips Colour Spectacle.
     Red triumph tulip Roulette with two buds.
     Black tulip Recreado. Triumph group.
     Yellow-green tulip Formosa.
     Darwin Hybrid Tulip Tender Beauty.
     Red multiflower tulip Roman-Kosh.
     Tulip Dawnglow of foreign selection.
     Dark-purple tulip Demeter.
     Darwin Hybrid Tulip Olympic Flame.
     Ivory tulip Weber's Parrot with pink edges.
     Orange-red tulip Forgotten Dreams.
     Tulip Babushkiny Skazki (translation from Russian - Grandmother's Tales) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Two Triumph tulips Abu Hassan.
     Fringed tulip Valery Gergiev of red colour.
     Flower of tulip Apeldoorn's Favourite.
     Peony tulip Blue Diamond.
     Flower of tulip Krimsky Step (translation from Ukrainian - Crimean Steppe).
     Light-pink tulip Gander's Rhapsody.
     Rich-pink tulip Domivka Dlya Duymovochki (translation from Ukrainian - House for Thumbelina).
     Orange tulip My Lady.
     New purple tulip numbered 1689/2 of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Mauve with white bottom tulip Preludium.
     Brown tulip Babushkiny Skazki (translation from Russian - Grandmother's Tales).
     Kees Nelis - red tulip with yellow edges.
     Rich-pink tulip Don Quichotte.
     Red and white tulip Tamara.
     Mauve tulip Anne Claire.
     Red with white edges tulip Lustige Witwe.
     Rich-orange tulip Prince of Austria.
     Orange tulip Fidelio.
     White tulip with red strips.
     White and pink tulip Weber's Parrot.
     Fringed tulip Canasta.
     Center of tulip Hamilton.
     Silver-pink tulip bud.
     Flower of pink-lilac tulip.
     Opened tulip Judith Leyster.
     Tulip Davenport of foreign selection.
     Red tulip Apeldoorn's Favourite.
     Darwin Hybrid tulip Scarborough.
     Red tulip Scheffield.
     Brown tulip Babushkiny Skazki (translation from Russian - Grandmother's Tales) with yellow bottom.
     Bicolour tulip Flaming Gold with red plumes on yellow petals.
     Flower of tulip Tender Beauty.
     Red tulips with yellow "plumes".
     Flower of peony tulip Orange Princess.
     Multiflowering tulip Weisse Berliner.
     Exquisite tulip Gavota, chocolate with yellow edges.
     Tulip Krimsky Step (translation from Ukrainian - Crimean Steppe) of NBG selection.
     Bunch of multiflowering tulip Hadley.
     Single early tulip Prince of Austria.
     Lavender tulip Blue Diamond.
     Pink tulip Claudia with white edges.
     Pink tulip with pale-orange blend.
     Red tulip Apeldoorn.
     Orange-yellow tulip Oxford Elite with redness on petals.
     Flower of white tulip Daytona with chafer sitting on a petal.
     Darvin Hybrid tulip Forgotten Dreams.
     Flower of fringed tulip Hamilton.
     Red tulip Canasta with white fringe.
     Single early tulip Christmas Marvel.
     Bicolour tulip Kees Nelis.
     Tulips Plamenniy (translation from Russian - Flaming) of NBG selection.
     Figure made of petals and stamens in the center of tulip Apeldoorn's Favourite.
     Double tulip Carnaval de Nice.
     Purple tulip 1689/2.
     Soft pink tulip of NBG collection.
     Unique chocolate-yellow tulip Abu Hassan.
     Mauve tulip Posmishka Fortuni (translation from Ukrainian - Smile of Fortune).
     Large bicolor tulip.
     Tulip Daytona with opened fringed petals.
     Darwin Hybrid tulip Holland's Glory.
     Pink multiflora tulip Fringed Family.
     Three red tulips in Nikitsky garden.
     Triumph tulip Merry Widow (Lustige Witwe).
     Flower of tulip Weber's Parrot.
     Two-coloured tulip Claudia.
     Single tulip Ruby Red.
     Darwin Hybrid tulip Dawnglow.
     Tulip bud of ruby and white colour.
     Two tulips Flaming Gold.

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