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     Frog in a pond.
     A snake on brown leaves.
     Spotted river frog.
     A frog among water-lily flowers.
     Frog and water-lily bud.
     Lizard on a tree-trunk.
     The kid.
     Swimming frog in a pond of Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Lizard warming in the sunrays.
     Lizard on a rock.
     Lizard hiding in the shadows.
     Lizard on a trunk. Zoom. 
     A black donkey.
     A picture of a black donkey.
     Crying donkey.
     A frog swimming among the water-lily leaves.
     A lizard on a rock.
     A lizard on last fall leaves.
     An emerald lizard.
     Black boar in a pen.
     Sow and young pig.
     Black piglet sucking udder.
     Black Vietnamese piglet.

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