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     Hoverfly on a snowdrop flower.
     Many-coloured Shield Bug.
     Misumena spider attacking a fly.
     Chrysanthemum Zolotoy Podsolnuh (Golden Sunflower) with an insect.
     Forest butterfly on a flower-bud.
     Painted Lady Butterfly (Cynthia cardui) on a marigold flower.
     Black-and-white butterfly sitting on the orange flower.
     A bee gathering nectar on a pussy-willow.
     Oxythyrea funesta on the petal.
     Shiled-bug on a Cosmos flower.
     Hoverfly on a red chrysanthemum.
     Hoverfly sitting on orange flower.
     Papilio Rumanzovia Butterfly female. Black on red.
     Bee on Zolotaya Rybka chrysanthemums.
     Tan butterfly on a spikelet.
     A caterpillar with black and orange strips.
     Painted Lady Butterfly (Cynthia cardui) on a zinnia.
     Bee on a purple Aquilegia flower.
     Grasshopper colored like camouflage.
     Male and female Meadow brown butterflies on a bramble flower.
     Grey spider on a tree bark.
     Graphosoma italicum tree-bug.
     A bee in a chrysanthemum Dramatic.
     Green tree-bug.
     Bee on a Medea chrysanthemum flower.
     Tree Nymph butterfly (Rice Paper Butterfly – Idea leuconoe).
     Winged insect on a pussy-willow. Close-up.
     Bee on a chrysanthemum flower.
     A butterfly on a marigold flower.
     Bee on yellow chrysanthemum.
     Cabbage white butterfly on Mahonia flowers.
     Hoverfly on a chrysanthemum Dramatic flower.
     Bumblebee on Echinacea flower.
     Green bug with black and white spots.
     Green-spotted butterfly (Graphium Agamemnon).
     Flying insect over pink chrysanthemums.
     Butterfly with an "eye" on its wing.
     Black and white bugs: sweet couple.
     Rumanzovia Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio Rumanzovia). Spreading the wings.
     Bombilius major over a flower.
     Caterpillar on a green leaf.
     Black butterfly with sandy-brown and white spots on its wings.
     A dew-dropped chrysanthemum flower with a bee.
     Young butterfly Troides Rhadamantus.
     A bee and chrysanthemums Sadko.
     Bee on a bicolor marigold flower.
     Green Shield Bug.
     Red chrysanthemums and a hoverfly.
     A Meadow brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina) on a bramble leaf.
     Green caterpillar with black stripes and red spots.
     Long-winged butterfly among the green.
     Cabbage white butterfly on yellow flowers.
     Black bug with red and white dots.
     Ladybird crawling on a green blade.
     A butterfly on a marigold flower.
     A bee and chrysanthemums Ponsh.
     Chrysanthemum Dramatic and an insect.
     Black-and-white butterfly on a dry leaf.
     Chrysalis on a sprig.
     Ladybird on a pussy-willow catkin.
     Two Shield Bugs on a hibiscus leaf.
     Spring hoverfly on a snowdrop.
     Bee on a yellow flower of barbarea.
     A Meadow brown butterfly (Maniola Jurtina) feeding on a bramble flower.
     Black and white shield-bug.
     Bee gathering nectar from small flowers.
     Bee with pollen in bags on its legs.
     Black-and-yellow butterfly on water-lily leaves.
     A couple of Meadow brown butterflies (Maniola jurtina) on a bramble flower.
     A Meadow brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina) sipping nectar on a bramble flower.
     A Meadow brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina) sipping nectar on a bramble inflorescence.
     Hoverfly in Dramatic chrysanthemum.
     Zolotaya Rybka chrysanthemums with a bee.
     Green mantis.
     A bee on a dark-rosy chrysanthemum.
     Bee in the center of chrysanthemum.
     Autumn butterfly (Cynthia cardui).
     Lilac chrysanthemum flowers and a bee.
     Orange marigold flower and hoverfly.
     Painted Lady Butterfly (Cynthia cardui) on a sprig.
     Painted Lady Butterfly (Cynthia cardui) on a zinnia flowers
     Painted Lady Butterfly and violet flowers.
     A midge sitting on a on a pussy-willow.
     A bee on a pussy-willow.
     Bee in autumn chrysanthemum flower.
     Rice Paper Butterfly – Idea Leuconoe.
     Bumblebee on Aquilegia flower.
     Large orange chrysanthemum with a bee
     A hairy bumblebee...
     A black flying insect over a peach-tree flowers.
     Bee sitting on yellow inflorescence.
     Cabbage white butterfly on a grass sprig.
     Bumblebee on a pink flower Echinacea.
     Green shiled-bug with white spots.
     Bee's delight - autumn chrysanthemums.
     Bee among dew-dropped flowers.
     Ladybird on a pine-tree bough.
     Grey grasshopper.
     Three chrysanthemums Aquarelle and a hoverfly.
     Orange chrysanthemum Goldfish.
     Pale-orange chrysanthemum Dramatic.
     Two butterflies on orange flowers.
     Bee and chrysanthemums Sadko.
     Rumanzovia Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio Rumanzovia). Breakfast on a lilac flower.
     Papilio Rumanzovia drying out its wings.
     Butterfly appears from the cocoon.
     Idea Leuconoe butterfly and white flowers.
     Autumn Chrysanthemum Dramatic and a hoverfly.
     Midge on a spring yellow flower.
     Two red ladybirds on yellow flower.
     Bee on a white daisy flower.
     Oxythyrea funesta inside red tulip flower.
     Bee gathering pollen on a white flower.
     Bee inside red tulip flower.
     Black beetle on a flower of rocket-cress (Barbarea vulgaris).
     Ladybird under the bramble leaf.
     Red ladybird with black spots.
     Bee gathering pollen on a dandelion.
     Big snail crawling on the rock.
     Grey butterfly with black and orange spots on its wings.
     Snail with stretched tentacles.
     Red ladybird on a velvety leaf.
     Butterfly Polyommatus Icarus.
     Mylabris variabilis with yellow and black wings.
     Mylabris quadripunctata on immortelle flower.
     Green beetle on rose flowers.

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