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Gallery "Photorosary"

Autumn bloom of rose Lezginka
Autumn bloom of rose Lezginka. 
Size: 700x866. 
File size: 437.44 KB
Rose Feodosiyskaya Krasavitsa
Rose Feodosiyskaya Krasavitsa (Feodosia Beauty). 
Size: 700x847. 
File size: 465.75 KB
Photo of climbing rose Crimean Sun
Climbing rose Crimean Sun. 
Size: 700x624. 
File size: 375.83 KB
Mauve rose Shocking Blue
Mauve rose Shocking Blue. 
Size: 700x588. 
File size: 361.61 KB
Bicolor rose with pale-yellow petals red to the edges
Bicolor rose with pale-yellow petals red to the edges. 
Size: 700x525. 
File size: 334.33 KB
Rose Ave Maria with raindrops
Rose Ave Maria with raindrops. 
Size: 700x824. 
File size: 642.45 KB
Picture of red dew-dropped rose
Red dew-dropped rose. 
Size: 700x732. 
File size: 450.74 KB
Image of cream-coloured rosebud
Cream-coloured rosebud. 
Size: 700x557. 
File size: 348.82 KB
Hybrid-tea Mabella rose of yellow colour
Hybrid-tea Mabella rose of yellow colour. 
Size: 700x605. 
File size: 289.21 KB
Rosebud with dewdrops
Rosebud with dewdrops. 
Size: 700x555. 
File size: 437.13 KB
Image of pale-pink rose opening
Pale-pink rose opening. 
Size: 700x549. 
File size: 314.79 KB
Flower of miniature rose Rouletii
Miniature rose Rouletii. 
Size: 700x563. 
File size: 338.62 KB
Picture of pale-pink rose opening
Rose opening. 
Size: 700x525. 
File size: 322.90 KB
Image of bicolor rose Bright Fantasy
Bicolor rose Bright Fantasy. 
Size: 700x587. 
File size: 381.41 KB
Gloria Dei rose, climbing genus
Gloria Dei rose. Climbing genus. 
Size: 700x665. 
File size: 295.82 KB
Red and white rose. Nikitsky Garden introduction
Red and white rose. 
Size: 700x662. 
File size: 396.99 KB
Rose Childhood of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection
Rose Childhood (Detstvo) of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection. 
Size: 700x525. 
File size: 442.28 KB
Photo of pink star-shaped rose
Pink star-shaped rose. 
Size: 700x525. 
File size: 340.55 KB
Large red rose with dew-drops
Large red rose with dew-drops. 
Size: 700x525. 
File size: 342.76 KB
Rose bud with dewdrops on its petals
Rose bud with dewdrops on its petals. 
Size: 700x525. 
File size: 295.87 KB
Image of rose Marvelle with dew drops
Bicolor rose Marvelle. 
Size: 700x525. 
File size: 354.66 KB
Picture of two roses Mandarin
A couple of roses Mandarin. 
Size: 700x525. 
File size: 414.54 KB
Hybrid-tea rose Blagovest
Hybrid-tea rose Blagovest (translation from Russian - Toll, Church-going Bell). 
Size: 700x557. 
File size: 417.16 KB
Rose Paradise - mauve with crimson edges
Rose Paradise - mauve with crimson edges. 
Size: 700x862. 
File size: 576.12 KB
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