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     Red-white chrysanthemums Two Tone Pink. Close-up.
     Two flowers of chrysanthemum Sirenevy Tuman (Purple Haze)
     Flower composition of deep-pink chrysanthemums Corsica.
     Bunch of white chrysanthemums Taffeta White.
     Pastoral chrysanthemum of pale-pink colour.
     Needle-shaped chrysanthemum Charodeyka (translation from Russian - Sorceress).
     Pale orange chrysanthemums Su-Ling.
     Fiery red chrysanthemum Jacob Lane.
     Dewdrops on a chrysanthemum flower.
     Yellow flowers of chrysanthemum Lorna Doone Salmonicolor.
     A garden chrysanthemum in NBG.
     Garden chrysanthemum Lady Di.
     Flower composition of two sorts of chrysanthemums.
     Early chrysanthemums in Nikitsky Garden.
     Pink chrysanthemum Ipswich with greenish center.
     Dwarf chrysanthemums Zolotoy Uley (Golden Hive).
     Bicolor chrysanthemums Biarritz Salmon.
     Red chrysanthemums Orpheus. Close-up.
     Pink chrysanthemums Target.
     Chrysanthemum Anastasia Bronze close-up.
     Chrysanthemums Taffeta Yellow.
     Garden chrysanthemums Terra Rosa with rain drops.
     Chrysanthemum Predrassvetniy Au-Dag of Nikitsky garden selection.
     Chrysanthemum Anastasia Lilac.
     Orange chrysanthemums Reagan.
     Two pink chrysanthemums Erlik.
     Yellow chrysanthemums.
     Chrysanthemum Gratsia (Grace).
     Chrysanthemums Rayonnant Bronze.
     Opened flower of chrysanthemum Annecy Red.
     Chrysanthemum flowers Art Deco.
     Yellow chrysanthemum Anastasia Sun.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Royal Southdown Pink.
     Chrysanthemums Nikitskaya Osen' (Nikita Autumn) with rain drops.
     Curly chrysanthemum Skazka (Fairy Tale).
     Garden chrysanthemums of red colour with rain drops.
     Yellow chrysanthemum Izetka Bernstein.
     Chrysanthemum Sirenevy Tuman (Purple Haze).
     Snow-white chrysanthemum with greenish center. Sort Yan'-Tzi (translation: swallow bird).
     Alpha chrysanthemum flowers.
     Striking chrysanthemums William Seward.
     Chrysanthemum Sedoy Baron (Grey-headed Baron) surrounded by yellow chrysanthemums Bornholm.
     Garden chrysanthemum Pautinka (Spider Line).
     Orange chrysanthemums Goldfish.
     Chrysanthemum Khaltsedon (Chalcedony) with raindrops.
     Early flowering chrysanthemums of Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Chrysanthemum Annecy White.
     White chrysanthemums Koltso Saturna (translation from Russian - Rings of Saturn).
     Chrysanthemums Sambalina finish blossoming.
     Yellow daisy-like chrysanthemum Inga.
     Red chrysanthemum Aquarelle.
     Pink chrysanthemums Target.
     Yellow chrysanthemum Zolotoe Runo (translation from Russian - Golden Fleece).
     Chrysanthemum Russkoe Pole starts blooming.
     Two chrysanthemums Nikitskaya Osen' (Nikita Autumn).
     Chrysanthemum Sambalina begins to bloom.
     Delicate flower of chrysanthemum Kapriz (translation from Russian - Caprice).
     Red chrysanthemum with yellow center.
     Chrysanthemums Art Deco begin to bloom.
     Fluffy chrysanthemums on a flower-bed.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Parade, close-up.
     Carpeting chrysanthemums Hebe.
     Flowering chrysanthemum Alpha.
     Chrysanthemum Zolotoy Uley (Golden Hive).
     Flower of chrysanthemum Ami Paulette.
     Chrysanthemum Pink Flamingo.
     A bee on a flower of chrysanthemum Dramatic.
     Pink chrysanthemum Khaltsedon (translated from Russian - Chalcedony).
     Twisted flower of chrysanthemum William Seward.
     Small lilac chrysanthemums.
     Chrysanthemum Cassandra close-up.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Predrassvetniy Au-Dag.
     Orange flowers of chrysanthemum Bornholm.
     Crimson chrysanthemums Corsica with dew-drops.
     Dew-dropped white chrysanthemum "Inga".
     Chrysanthemums Suhotsvetik (Dried Flower).
     Chrysanthemums Ledy Di of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Yellow chrysanthemums.
     Chrysanthemum Pole Chudes (Field of Wonders) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Chrysanthemums Zolotoy Elf (translated from Russian - Golden Elf) and Erlick.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Eleanor White.
     Chrysanthemum Biarritz Yellow.
     White flower with pink blend of chrysanthemum Dalystar.
     Sadko chrysanthemum. Flowers of orchid colour.
     Bicolor chrysanthemums Two Tone Pink.
     hrysanthemum ball. Orange-yellow chrysanthemum Bornholm.
     A cluster of double pink chrysanthemums Nice Eyes.
     Garden chrysanthemum Jacob Lane.
     Chrysanthemums of Ami Paulette variety.
     Two flowers of chrysanthemum Enzett Dilana Rosa.
     Garden chrysanthemum Medea.
     Yellow chrysanthemum Eleanor Bronze.
     Chrysanthemum Slavyanochka (Slavonian) close-up.
     Patchwork of chrysanthemums.
     Double chrysanthemums Parade.
     A cluster of garden chrysanthemum Sadko.
     A picture of garden chrysanthemum Orpheus.
     Rosy-yellow chrysanthemum Vechernie Grezy (Evening Dreams).
     Chrysanthemum Target. Flowers with rain-drops.
     Two yellow chrysanthemums Require after an autumn shower.
     Pale-orange chrysanthemum Dramatic.
     Reddish chrysanthemum Escort Pot with dew drops.
     Yellow chrysanthemum Solnechniy Elf (translated from Russian - Sunny Elf).
     Two chrysanthemums Rozovie Mechty (translation from Russian: Pink Dreams).
     Two chrysanthemums Doctor Kurtz.
     Bunch of chrysanthemums Andree Rose.
     Chrysanthemum Eseniana. Lilac haze of flowers.
     Tiny orange chrysanthemums after autumn rain.
     Chrysanthemum flower. Close-up.
     Flower composition of purple chrysanthemums.
     Flowers of chrysanthemums Target.
     A bunch of chrysanthemums red and yellow.
     Chrysanthemum Annecy White.
     Three chrysanthemum flowers.
     Medea chrysanthemum flower-bed.
     Chrysanthemum Pastoral of Nikitsky Botanical Garden
     Garden chrysanthemum Hebe surrounded by yellow and purple flowers.
     Horticultural chrysanthemums of Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Purple chrysanthemum "Orinoco" inflorescence.
     A bunch of chrysanthemums Hebe.
     A bunch of pale-yellow chrysanthemums with thin petals.
     A flower bed of chrysanthemums chrysanthemums Sirenevie Dali (Lilac Expanses).
     Four yellow chrysanthemums after an autumn shower.
     A bed with flowering chrysanthemums Dramatic.
     Two chrysanthemums Tiger Yellow.
     Chrysanthemum Escort Pot reddish flowers.
     Four flowers of chrysanthemum Alpha.
     Garden chrysanthemum Mishal of yellow colour.
     Garden hardy chrysanthemums Merry Guys (pink color).
     Green chrysanthemum Revert. Close-up.
     Chrysanthemums Ranniy Sneg (Early Snow).
     Chrysanthemum Annecy Red. Close-up.
     hrysanthemum Tiger Yellow flower
     Chrysanthemum White Stars.
     A bunch of chrysanthemums Raionnant Pink.
     Garden chrysanthemums Plushevii Mishka. Selection of Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Yellow and pale-pink chrysanthemums.
     Two chrysanthemums Sirenevie Dali.
     Deeppink chrysanthemum Ponsh.
     hrysanthemum ball. Reddish flowers Escort Pot on a flower-bed.
     Four chrysanthemums Royal Southdown Pink.
     A lawn of garden chrysanthemums Golden Hive.
     Sunlit chrysanthemums Slavyanochka (Slavonian).
     Chrysanthemums Two Tone Pink of red and white colors.
     Two chrysanthemums Zolotoy Uley (Golden Hive) beginning to bloom.
     A bunch of Rayonad chrysanthemums.
     A bee on deep-pink chrysanthemums.
     Two flowers of chrysanthemum Annecy Red.
     Chrysanthemums Slavyanochka after an autumn shower.
     Garden chrysanthemum Pastel.
     Sunny chrysanthemums Vechernie Grezy (Evening Dreams) on a dark background.
     Orange dew-dropped chrysanthemums Svet Zarnits (translation from Russian - Light of Heat-lightnings).
     A bee on a white flower of chrysanthemum Medea.
     Chrysanthemums Rayonad with thin long petals.
     Garden chrysanthemum Sadko.
     Multicolor chrysanthemum bouquet.
     Orange chrysanthemums with dew-drops.
     A bunch of purple chrysanthemum Eseniana.
     Orange and pink sunlit chrysanthemums Vechernie Grezy (Evening Dreams).
     Crimson chrysanthemums Lipstick from Nikitsky Garden.
     White chrysanthemums Rock Crystal with pale-yellow centers.
     Dew-dropped chrysanthemum Sirenevie Dali.
     Chrysanthemums Golden Hive in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     White chrysanthemum with long thin petals.
     Grasshopper and yellow chrysanthemums.
     A cluster of red-white chrysanthemums Two Tone Pink.
     Orange chrysanthemums.
     Chrysanthemum Annecy Red on a flower-bed.
     Bright chrysanthemums with yellow centers
     Two dew-dropped chrysanthemums Inga.
     Chrysanthemums Tiger Yellow with a flying bee.
     Bicolor chrysanthemums Two Tone Pink in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     A bee on chrysanthemum flowers.
     Eseniana chrysanthemum cloud.
     Garden chrysanthemums Orange sunset.
     Chrysanthemum Raionnant Pink close-up.
     Amazing green chrysanthemums Revert.
     Chrysanthemum Tiger Yellow close-up.
     Chrysanthemum Dramatic with rain drops.
     Autumn chrysanthemums Vechernie Grezy (Evening Dreams) in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Garden chrysanthemum Merry Guys.
     Chrysanthemum Plushevii Mishka on a flower-bed.
     Picture of red chrysanthemums bunch "Two Tone Pink".
     hrysanthemum Okhristy Luch (Ocker Ray) flower-bed.
     Chrysanthemum Rebonet of foreign selection
     Sunlit pink chrysanthemum Hebe.
     Orange chrysanthemums Briton.
     Furry chrysanthemum of light-rose colour.
     White garden chrysanthemums Russkoe Pole.
     Crimson chrysanthemum Azure Stream.
     Orange chrysanthemums with rain drops.
     Chrysanthemum Dramatic with dewdrops.
     Autumn chrysanthemum groundcover.
     Yellow chrysanthemum composition. Sort: Sunset.
     Three chrysanthemums of gold.
     Orange dwarf-chrysanthemums with greenish centers. Sort: Goldfish.
     White garden chrysanthemums Rock Crystal.
     Lilac dwarf chrysanthemum Eseniana.
     Two chrysanthemums Ping-Pong Yellow.
     A bunch of pale-pink chrysanthemums Art Deco.
     Ping-Pong Yellow chrysanthemum flower.
     Three white chrysanthemums Creamiest White.
     Chrysanthemum groundcover.
     Chrysanthemums Sadko in Nikitsky Botanical Garden
     Garden chrysanthemum Okhristy Luch (Ocker Ray).
     Chrysanthemums Mishal and Hebe.
     Red chrysanthemums Radiance.
     Flower-bed with chrysanthemums Nikitskaya Yubileinaya (Nikita Jubilee).
     Two chrysanthemums Sedoy Baron (Grey-headed Baron).
     Flower of whitish chrysanthemum Export Sax.
     Two chrysanthemums Dark Flame Soft Gold (translation from Japanese).
     White chrysanthemum Lebedinaya Pesnya (Swan Song).
     Chrysanthemum Phoenix Palace in Indented Clouds (translation from Japanese).
     Two chrysanthemums Spring Dawn at Su-Ti Dam (translation from Japanese).
     Flowers of chrysanthemum Purpurnaja Luna (Purple Moon - translation from Japanese).
     Yellow chrysanthemum Pust' Vsegda Budet Solntse (Let The Sun Be Forever).
     Rich-red garden chrysanthemums Allegro.
     Bright pink chrysanthemums Shurt.
     Opening chrysanthemums of Nikitsky Garden.
     Flower of chrysanthemums Dark Flame Soft Gold (translation from Japanese).
     Chrysanthemums Yuriy Bogatikov.
     Chrysanthemum-plant Eleanor Pink.
     Flowers of chrysanthemum Zolotoy Podsolnuh (translation from Russian: Golden Sunflower)
     Small flower of chrysanthemum Terpsichore.
     Crimson chrysanthemums Fiolent.
     Light-pink chrysanthemum Yunost' (translation from Russian - Youth).
     Yellow chrysanthemum Nikitskaya Skazka.
     Red-white chrysanthemum Etna.
     Chrysanthemums Predrassvetniy Au-Dag - the pride of Nikitsky Garden.
     Flowering chrysanthemums Biarritz.
     Flowers of chrysanthemum Anastasia Bronze.
     Chrysanthemum Heros Jean Guizonnier.
     Chrysanthemum Vesyolie Rebyata (translation from Russian - Merry Guys) finishing blossoming.
     Chrysanthemum Taffeta Yellow.
     Flower of white chrysanthemum Anastasia.
     Orange chrysanthemum Nikolina.
     Two yellow chrysanthemums Yantarnaya Lady (translation from Russian - Amber Lady).
     Bunch of chrysanthemums Mirage.
     Chrysanthemum Diplomat Weinrot.
     Deep-vinous chrysanthemum William Seward.
     Chrysanthemums Cassandra opening.
     Flower-bed with yellow chrysanthemums Opal.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Royal Sheena Red.
     Blooming chrysanthemums Rayonnant Pink.
     Autumn chrysanthemums in Nikitsky Garden.
     Two chrysanthemums Alpha.
     Chrysanthemums Skazka (translation from Russian - Fairy Tale). Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Two flowers of chrysanthemum Rozoviy Flamingo (translation - Pink Flamingo).
     Large-flowered chrysanthemum Sedoy Baron (translation - Grey-headed Baron).
     Chrysanthemums Osenniy Motiv (translation - Autumn Tune).
     Chrysanthemum Pastoral finishes blossoming.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Lady Di.
     Orange chrysanthemum Nikitskaya Osen' (translation from Russian - Nikita Autumn).
     Dwarf chrysanthemum Russkoe Pole (translation - Russian Field).
     "Flaming" chrysanthemum Jacob Lane.
     Chrysanthemum Taffeta White opening.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Cassandra.
     Globular flowers of chrysanthemum Su-Ling.
     Bunch of chrysanthemums Orinoco.
     Two chrysanthemums Charodeyka (translation from Russian - sorceress, enchantress).
     Pink flowers of chrysanthemum Dr. Kurtz.
     Three chrysanthemums Eleonor Pink.
     Large flower of crysanthemum Lavender Queen.
     White chrysanthemums Cassa.
     Chrysanthemums Enzett Dilana Rosa with raindrops.
     October chrysanthemum Zolotoy Podsolnuh (translation from Russian - Golden Sunflower).
     Red chrysanthemums Allegro.
     Pink chrysanthemums Dr. Kurtz.
     Crimson chrysanthemums with prominent centers.
     Chrysanthemums Allegro with small-size flowers.
     White chrysanthemums Dalystar.
     Double chrysanthemums Inei (translation from Russian - White Frost).
     Pink chrysanthemums Slavyanochka.
     Milk-white chrysanthemums Ranniy Sneg (translation from Russian - Early Snow).
     Lilac chrysanthemum Resume.
     Chrysanthemums Alpha and Cassa.
     Flower-bed with chrysanthemums Shurt.
     Small-size flower of chrysanthemum Kira.
     Chrysanthemums Zolotoy Elf (translation from Russian - Golden Elf) and Osenniy Motiv (translation from Russian - Autumn Tune).
     Triple firework of chrysanthemum Annecy Red.
     Chrysanthemum Lavender Queen with raindrops.
     Two flowers of yellow chrysanthemum Lorna Doone Salmonicolor.
     Pale-lilac chrysanthemum flower.
     Small orange chrysanthemums Nikolina.
     Chrysanthemum Aquarel (translation from Russian - Water-Colour) begins to bloom.
     Pink chrysanthemums Ami Paulett with rich centers.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Lavender Queen.
     Chrysanthemum Skazka (translation from Russian - Fairy Tale) of NBG selection.
     Petals of chrysanthemum Gratsia (translation from Russian - Grace).
     chrysanthemum Okhristy Luch (translation from Russian - Ocker Ray) with buds.
     White chrysanthemumYan'-Tzi (translation: swallow bird).
     Pink chrysanthemum Charodeika (translation from Russian - Sorceress). Close-up.
     Chrysanthemum Lunnaya Dorozka (translation from Russian - Moonway) with dewdrops.
     Pink flower of chrysanthemum Alpha.
     Small pale-pink chrysanthemums Ipswich.
     Chrysanthemum Enzett Dilana Rosa.
     Chrysanthemum Predrassvetniy Au-Dag starts blooming.
     Late-autumn mums with small flowers.
     Chaotic flower of chrysanthemum Spring Dawn at Su-Ti Dam (translation from Japanese).
     Bunch of chrysanthemum flowers Royal Sheena Red.
     Chrysanthemums Lady Di starting to blossom.
     Bud of chrysanthemum Dark Flame Soft Gold (translation from Japanese).
     Chrysanthemums Russkoe Pole in October.
     Crimson chrysanthemum Demurral.
     Golden chrysanthemums Zakat (translation from Russian - Sunset).
     Untidy chrysanthemums Chalcedony.
     Pink chrysanthemums Sverchok (translation from Russian - Cricket).
     Chrysanthemum Erlick with large flowers.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Mishal.
     Bunch of chrysanthemums Eleanor White.
     Chrysanthemum Rayonnant Bronze - climax of blooming.
     White chrysanthemum Graceland.
     Pale-red spider chrysanthemum with prominent yellow center.
     Pink chrysanthemums Alyonka.
     Bud of chrysanthemum Demurral Red.
     Flower of chrysanthemum La Cagouille.
     Red chrysanthemum Coral.
     Chrysanthemum Cvetik-Semitsvetik with small flowers.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Taffeta White.
     Chrysanthemum Diplomat Purpur.
     Pink chrysanthemums Eleanor Pink.
     Cascade of pink chrysanthemums Heros Jean Guizonnier.
     Sunlit chrysanthemums Kapriz (translation from Russian - Caprice).
     Red flowers of chrysanthemum Vishneviy Sad (translation from Russian - Cherry Garden)
     Chrysanthemums Ranniy Sneg (translation from Russian - Early Snow) of Nikitsky bothanical garden selection.
     Flowers of chrysanthemum Nikitskaya Skazka.
     Flowerbed with orange chrysanthemums Reagan.
     Flower of pink chrysanthemum Hebe.
     Center of chrysanthemum Etna flower.
     Swirl-like flower of chrysanthemum Demurral Red.
     Cogged petals of chrysanthemum Anastasia Lilac.
     Light-pink chrysanthemums with prominent yellow centers.
     Flower of chrysanthemum Solnechniy Elf.
     Chrysanthemum William Seward with rain-drops.
     Orange chrysanthemums Nikitskaya Yubileinaya (translation from Russian - Nikita Jubilee).
     White chrysanthemums Abris with small flowers.
     Chrysanthemum Sukhotsvetik of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Pink flowers of chrysanthemum Erlic.
     White spider chrysanthemums with elegant petals.
     Pink chrysanthemums after November shower.
     Bright-yellow flower of chrysanthemum.
     Chrysanthemum Krasnoe Znamya (translation from Russian - Red Banner).
     Flower of chrysanthemum Target. Close-up.
     Chrysanthemums Two Tone Pink at the peak of their blooming.
     Pale-red chrysanthemums with slender petals and prominent centers.
     Chrysanthemum Ami Paulette - the winner of Chrysanthemum Ball 2008 in Nikitsky garden.
     White anemone-type chrysanthemums Andree Rose.
     Chrysanthemums Anastasia Bronze in Nikita.
     Chrysanthemums Annecy White on NBG show.
     Yellow chrysanthemum close-up.
     Pink chrysanthemums begin blooming.
     Pink chrysanthemum Mirage.
     Chrysanthemum Rozovaya Ulibka (translation from Russian - Pink Smile) of NBG selection.
     Chrysanthemums Noktyurn (translation from Russian - Nocturne) - garden variety.
     Yellow chrysanthemum Require finishes blooming.
     White and pink chrysanthemums Vesuvius.
     Fading chrysanthemum Allegro.
     Lilac chrysanthemums Indiana of NBG selection.
     Three chrysanthemums Osenniy Motiv (translation from Russian - Autumn Tune).
     Chrysanthemums cease blooming in Nikitsky Garden.
     Chrysanthemums Reagan White.
     Chrysanthemums Etna finish blooming.
     Chrysanthemums Apelsinoviy Shar (translation from Russian - Orange Ball) in the end of season.
     White chrysanthemums Excel.
     Two chrysanthemums Westland Bronze.
     Chrysanthemum Snegom Pokrytyi Kamen Terrasy (translation from Chinese - Terrace Stone Covered With Snow).
     German chrysanthemums Enzett Dilana Rosa.
     Chrysanthemum Yantarnaya Lady (translation from Russian - Amber Lady) finishes blooming.
     White chrysanthemums Sterling.
     Yellow chrysanthemums Seashell.
     Chrysanthemums Diva (translation from Russian - Diwa) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Chrysanthemums Terpsichore of Russian selection.
     Pink and red dwarf chrysanthemums.
     Pink and yellow chrysanthemums.
     Variety Heros Jean Guizonnier of German selection.
     Chrysanthemums Dalystar start blooming.
     Chrysanthemums Inga with dew-drops.
     Pale-red chrysanthemum from NBG collection.
     Chrysanthemum Art Deco of Russian selection.
     Pink chrysanthemums Parad (translation from Russian - Parade).

     Autumn bloom of rose Lezginka.
     Rose Feodosiyskaya Krasavitsa (Feodosia Beauty).
     Climbing rose Crimean Sun.
     Mauve rose Shocking Blue.
     Bicolor rose with pale-yellow petals red to the edges.
     Rose Ave Maria with raindrops.
     Red dew-dropped rose.
     Cream-coloured rosebud.
     Hybrid-tea Mabella rose of yellow colour.
     Rosebud with dewdrops.
     Pale-pink rose opening.
     Miniature rose Rouletii.
     Rose opening.
     Bicolor rose Bright Fantasy.
     Gloria Dei rose. Climbing genus.
     Red and white rose.
     Rose Childhood (Detstvo) of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Pink star-shaped rose.
     Large red rose with dew-drops.
     Rose bud with dewdrops on its petals.
     Bicolor rose Marvelle.
     A couple of roses Mandarin.
     Hybrid-tea rose Blagovest (translation from Russian - Toll, Church-going Bell).
     Rose Paradise - mauve with crimson edges.
     Cream-coloured rose of Nikitsky garden.
     Burgund rose.
     Yellow tea rose.
     Pink rose decorated with tiny white flowers.
     Hybrid tea rose Bright Fantasy. Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Pink rose with cream-yellow stripes.
     Red-white rose Cherry Meidiland inflorescence.
     Bicolor rose: white petals with reddish glow.
     Pink rose.
     Salmon rose with rain drops on its petals.
     Pink starshaped rose with dew drops.
     Rose Grande Amore.
     Dew-dropped rose. Close-up.
     Miniature rose Cinderella.
     Autumn cream-coloured rose.
     Classic rosebud of pink colour.
     Rose Tropicana. Half-opened bud.
     Rose Samba. Close-up.
     Hybrid tea rose Kronenbourg. Nikitsky Botanical Garden introduction.
     Bicolor rose Oranges and Lemons.
     Two double tea-roses.
     A white rose with lacy petals.
     Pink rose bouquet decorated with white "snowflakes".
     Golden rose Mabella with a bud.
     Tea-rose of pale-pink colour.
     Rose Black Baccara.
     Pale-orange tea-rose.
     Big Purple rose (Nuit d'Orient). Nikitsky Botanical Garden introduction.
     Orange rose with buds.
     Half-opened red rose with dew-drops.
     Orange Prominent rose.
     Autumn rose from Nikitsky garden.
     Floribunda rose Oranges and Lemons.
     Hybrid-tea rose bud .
     Hybrid tea rose Wimi.
     Hybrid Tea rose. Sort: Golden Autumn. Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Pink rose for a wedding bouquet.
     Red rose Marichka. Floribunda of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Golden Jubilee. Hybrid Tea rose.
     Lezghin rose opening.
     Anabell rose.
     White rose with two buds.
     Rose and rose-bud - 2.
     Floribunda rose Pussta.
     Beautiful rose Prominent.
     Angelica rose with inner petals turned round.
     Scarlet rose with dew-drops.
     Beautiful pink rose of Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Orange rose after rain.
     Hybrid tea rose Angelique.
     Velvet orange rose with dew drops.
     Poufy rose flower of pink colour.
     Scarlet star-shaped rose flower.
     Miniature orange rose Sunmaid.
     A pink rosebud opening.
     Pink rose growing in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Salmon-pink rose decorated with tiny white flowers.
     White tea-rose Anastasia.
     Dew-dropped rose bud Lydia.
     Michele Meilland rose.
     Rose Rugelda.
     Rose Childhood of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Rose Salzburg. Inflorescence.
     Rose bud Pullman Orient Express.
     Pink rose bud opening.
     Rose Auguste Renoir.
     Rose Tatjana.
     A pink rose with buds.
     A pink rose on a palm-leaf background.
     Two flowers of white climbing rose.
     Orange-salmon rose.
     A yellow rose starts blooming.
     Miniature rose Sunmaid of orange colour.
     Crimson rosebud.
     Climbing rose sprig with flower and buds.
     Grandiflora rose Lezghin.
     Red Chersonesos rose.
     Bouquet rose - 1.
     Miniature golden-orange rose Sunmaid.
     Climbing rose Crimean Sunrise, cream white edged with pink.
     Hybrid tea rose Big Purple (Nuit d'Orient).
     Orange rose.
     White rose shaded with pink.
     Crimean Gem. Floribunda rose of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Rose Oranges and Lemons. Nikitsky Botanical Garden introduction.
     Hybrid tea rose Mabella.
     Angelique rose bud.
     Kronenbourg rose petals.
     Red rose Dame de Coeur.
     Michele Meilland rose.
     Crimean Gem rose.
     Wimi rose of pink colour.
     Rose Crimean Sun of Nikitsky Botanical Garden selection.
     Bicolor rose with red-white petals.
     Rose and rose-bud - 1.
     Rose Golden Jubilee. Selection of Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pink rose with the blue sky in the background.
     Pink rose on a flower bed
     Bicolor rosebud, red edged with yellow.
     Yellow rose Helmut Schmidt.
     Rosebud with a petal bent aside.
     Opening rose Ave Maria with a bud.
     White climbing rose.
     Bright-pink rose Baronne Prevost.
     Rose with buds in Chersonesos.
     Scarlet rosebud Chrysler Imperial.
     Pink climbing rose with buds.
     Pink climbing rose opening.
     Tea rose with buds.
     Pink-white rose.
     Rose bud with curled petals.
     Gloria Dei rosebud opening.
     Grandiflora rose Korallovyj Sjurpriz (Coral Surprise).
     Deep-pink rose with white "eye".
     Ground Covering rose Nozomi.
     Miniature rose Baby Bunting.
     Hybrid tea rose Rozoviy Waltz (Pink Waltz).
     Floribunda Marichka of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Red and white rose of NBG collection.
     Rose with red "blush".
     Green rose Jim of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Floribunda Cyclamen.
     Pale-yellow rose Selena with dew-drops.
     Hybrid-tea rose Portrait.
     White rose Iceberg (Schneewittchen).
     Floribunda Bella Rosa.
     Pale yellow tea-rose Gloria Dei.
     Rose Blagovest (translation from Russian - Toll, Church-going Bell) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Rose Pussta, foreign selection.
     Light-pink autumn rose.
     Famous rose Blue Nile.
     Climbing rose Fontaine.
     Flower of miniature rose Sunmaid.
     Cascade of pink miniature roses.
     Hybrid-tea rose Peter Frankenfeld.
     White and pink flowers of rose Cinderella.
     Beautiful rose from Nikitsky garden.
     Climbing rose Kordes Brilliant.
     Rose Sylvia - Nikitsky garden introduction.
     Two flowers of red rose Florentina.
     Hybrid-tea rose Dame de Coeur.
     Rose Krimsky Samotsvet (translation from Russian - Crimean Gem) with buds.
     Cherry Meidiland - red rose with white center.
     Pale orange-red rose Lezghinka.
     Red rose Adjimushkai.
     White climbing rose R. Fortuneana.
     Pink-salmon climber rose Rosanna.
     Famous rose Gloria Dei.
     Two roses Angelica blooming.
     Rose Lezginka of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Rose Korallovy Surpriz (translation from Russian - Coral Surprise) opening.
     Hybrid tea rose Blue Nile.
     Climbing rose Devich'yi Gryozi (translation from Russian - Girlish Dreams).
     Bud of red rose Erotica.
     Rose Vesenneye Utro (translation from Russian - Spring Morning).
     White rambler rose Alberic Barbier.
     Red rosebud of Fontaine (Red Prince).
     Hybrid tea rose Ave Maria (or Sunburnt Country).
     Miniature rose Mr. Bluebird.
     Miniature rose Dwarfking (Zwergkönig).
     Rose Rozoviy Waltz (translation from Russian - Pink Waltz).
     Rose Ogni Yalti (translation from Russian - Lights of Yalta).
     White flowers of R. Multiflora.
     Pink rose Greta with buds.
     Large flower of rose Peter Frankenfeld.
     Rose Marichka at the peak of its flowering.
     Yellow rose Landora begins to bloom.
     Rose Major Gagarin - grandiflora of NBG selection.
     Polyantha roses Lady Reading.
     Two roses Professor Ivanov - grandiflora of NBG selection.
     Red rose Rosa-Rita bat Meyer of NBG selection.
     Pink rose with reddish glow on its petals.
     Rose Gloria Dei with dewdrops and a bee on the petal.
     Red rose begins to open its bud.
     Krimskaya Raduga (translation from Russian - Crimean Rainbow) - grandiflora of NBG selection.
     Climber rose General MacArthur.
     White flower of ground-cover rose Snow Ballet.
     Hybrid Tea rose Lady Rose.
     Red bud of rose Tassin.
     Pink rose Klimentina opening.
     Rose Big Purple from Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pink Hybrid Tea rose Mascotte.
     Climber rose Casino of yellow colour.
     Red flowers of climber rose Sympathie.
     Climber rose Polka-Babochka of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Rose Lydia - red with orange blend.
     Large-flowered climber rose Flammentanz.
     Pink rose with many petals.
     Golden-yellow rose with orange blend.
     Rose Vesennaya Zarya (translation from Russian - Spring Daybreak).
     Rose Krimsky Samotsvet (translation from Russian - Crimean Gem) opening.
     Light-yellow floribunda Atoll.
     Climber rose Yaltinskie Zvezdi (translation from Russian - Yalta Stars).
     White carpet rose Ahtear.
     Hybrid tea rose Saint-Exupery (Waltz Time).
     White flower of rose Swany.
     Hybrid musk rose Ballerina.
     Hybrid tea rose Canary.
     White climber rose Schwanensee.
     Two roses Wimi (Willy Millowitsch).
     Double flower of bicolor rose.
     Floribunda Plamya Vostoka (translation from Russian - Flame of the East).
     Two hybrid tea roses Ambiance.
     Red floribunda Lilli Marlene.
     Rose Gurzuf of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Yellow rose with veins on its petals.
     Bud of grandiflora rose Mishor.
     Cluster of white rose Iceberg.
     Bud of pale-purple rose Blue Nile.
     Red floribunda Nina Weibull.
     Floribunda Shocking Blue: flower and rosebud.
     Hybrid tea rose Pristine.
     Orange-red rose Prominent.
     Flower of climber rose Polka-Babochka.
     Climbing rose Jim with buds.
     Two flowers of rose Angelica.
     Red roses Fontaine flowering in cluster.
     Orange-red rose Ogni Yalti (translation from Russian - Lights of Yalta).
     Rose Major Gagarin begins to bloom.
     Cream-yellow grandiflora Selena of NBG selection.
     Roses Detstvo (translation from Russian - Childhood) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     White floribunda Edelweiss.
     Red floribunda rose Yarkaya Zvyozdochka (translation from Russian - Bright Star).
     Salmon-red grandiflora Montezuma.
     Pink bud of rose Ocharovanie (translation from Russian - Fascination).
     Hybrid Tea rose Mexicana.
     Bud of hybrid tea rose Nicole.
     Rose Kronenbourg begins to bloom.
     Yellow rose Helmut Schmidt withering.
     Dark-red rose Deep Secret.
     White rose with pink blend on the petals.
     Yellow rose Gloria Dei with pink blend.
     Red grandiflora Samourai (Scarlet Knight).
     Orange hybrid-tea rose Typhoon.
     Yellow floribunda Sunsilk.
     Adjimushkaj - Kordes rose of NBG selection.
     Rose Korallovyj Sjurpriz (translation from Russian - Coral Surprise) grown in Nikitsky garden.
     Pink flower of rose Major Gagarin.
     Pink grandiflora Feodosijskaja Krasavica (translation from Russian - Feodosia Beauty).
     Pink and butter-yellow grandiflora Gurzuf.
     Rose Lady Reading close-up.
     Red rose Adjimushkaj of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Rose Klimentina begins to bloom.
     Red rose Pestraja Fantazija (translation from Russian - Bright Fantasy) with white stripes.
     Large-flowered hybrid-tea rose Paradise.
     Hybrid-tea rose Oranzhevoe Plamja (translation from Russian - Orange Flame).
     Dark-red rose Champs-Elysées.
     American rose Diamond Jubilee.
     Hybrid-tea rose Marina Steven of NBG selection.
     Full-opened flower of floribunda Cyclamen.
     Hybrid-tea rose Utro Moskvy (translation from Russian - Moscow Morning).
     Yellow floribunda Friesia of Kordes selection.
     Red rose Konrad Henkel.
     Buds of white rose Grand Mogul.
     Red rose Smuglyanka (translation from Russian - Swarthy Girl).
     Bowed rose Vodopad (translation from Russian - Waterfall).
     Red climber rose Gutsulochka.
     Red and yellow rose Caribia.
     Orange-red rose Bischofsstadt Paderborn.
     Pink and white hybrid rugosa Abelzieds.
     Pink rose flower from Nikitsky Garden.
     Hybrid rugosa F. J. Grootendorst.
     Hybrid rugosa Pink Grootendorst.
     Pink bud of rose Paris Charm.
     Pink hybrid-tea rose Sylvia.
     Bud of the rose Wimi begins to open.
     Salmon-orange rose Taifun.
     Large-flowered climber rose Westfalenpark.
     Climber rose Vesnjanka of NBG selection.
     Two white roses Ritausma.
     Hybrid-tea rose Emmy of NBG selection.
     Old garden rose Yunost (translation from Russian - Youth).
     Red climbing rose Grandessa.
     White with pink blend Rosa Indica Loureiro.
     Crimson climber rose Heidelberg.
     Yellow noisette rose Maréchal Niel.
     Gallica rose Président de Sèze.
     Groundcover rose Fair Play.
     Climbing rose Bagroviy Zakat (translation from Russian - Purple Sundown).
     Pink climbing rose Solnechnaya Dolina (translation from Russian - Sunny Valley)
     Lavender-pink flower of rose Mr. Bluebird.
     Rose Baby Bunting at the peak of blooming.
     Flower of rose Ambiance. Close-up.
     Rose Big Purple begins to bloom.
     A cluster of yellow roses

     Tulips in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Red and white tulip Pinocchio.
     Fringed tulip Bell Song of pink colour.
     A tulip in the green.
     Crimson tulip with a green leaf.
     Apricot tulip Dawnglow.
     Peony tulip Peach Melba
     Orange flower of liliaceous tulip Ballerina.
     Yellow-and-orange tulips President Kennedy.
     Black tulip Cafe Noir.
     White tulip Portofino with red blend.
     Red tulip with curled petals blend yellow.
     Red tulip with pale patches on the petals.
     Flower-bed of yellow tulips President Kennedy.
     Yellow West Point tulip.
     Four bright yellow with red tulips Cape Cod.
     Bicolor tulip Gavota: chocolate with yellow edges.
     Tulip Purple Haze.
     Bicolor tulip on a new flower-bed in Nikitsky garden.
     Tulip President Kennedy bowed in the shadow.
     Red white double tulip Gerbrand Kieft.
     Flower of tulip Cape Cod. Close-up.
     Two opened flowers of tulip Pinocchio.
     Red tulip Davenport with fringed petals.
     Two-colored double tulip Monsella.
     Tulips President Kennedy. Close-up.
     Pink tulip on a show in Nikitsky garden.
     Red liliaceous tulip Aladdin.
     Two orange tulips President Kennedy among the yellow ones.
     Bright pink Ballade tulip with white petal edges.
     Red tulip Davenport with goldish fringe on the petals
     Tulip flower bed with a bee flying over.
     White tulip Shirley with pink blend.
     Yellow orange tulip President Kennedy.
     Bright yellow tulips with red blend.
     Two yellow tulips Fringed Golden Apeldoorn.
     Yellow tulips opened to the sun.
     Tulip of yellow colour blend pink.
     Tulips President Kennedy in a garden.
     Image of ruffled tulip Red Parrot.
     Liliaceous tulip Marilyn with pink flames on white petals.
     Light-brown tulip in Nikitsky Garden.
     Three red-white Portofino tulips with red edging.
     Dark purple fringed tulip Curly Sue.
     Photo of bright orange tulips with yellow blend.
     Three fringed Davenport tulip flowers.
     Tulips President Kennedy on a flower-bed.
     Pale pink tulip Blushing Lady.
     Yellow tulip Portofino with red flames on the petals.
     Bicolor pink-white tulip.
     Two pink tulips in late spring.
     Large tulip with purple dots on the petals.
     Orange tulip flowers in the garden.
     Ivory tulips with red flames on the petals.
     Opened tulip President Kennedy.
     Endless field of tulips Cape Cod.
     Fringed bright-yellow tulip Hamilton.
     Frail rosy tulip.
     Yellow tulip Fringed Golden Apeldoorn from Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Ruffled tulip Black Parrot.
     Dawnglow Tulip from Nikitsky garden.
     Golden-red Portofino tulip.
     Tulip Blushing Lady of pink colour.
     Pink tulips Ballade with white petal edges.
     Opened flower of tulip President Kennedy.
     Dew drops on a white tulip Portofino.
     Orange tulip in the garden.
     A flower-bed with black and white tulips in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Two tulips: Marilyn and Mariette.
     Flowercup of tulip President Kennedy.
     Dolls Minuet Tulip. Viridiflora.
     Two chocolate tulips Gavota with yellow border.
     A tulip with yellow-pink petals.
     Black tulip Curly Sue with fringed petals.
     Yellow tulip Cape Cod with red strips on the petals.
     Orange tulip Ballerina.
     White tulip Marilyn with crimson flames.
     Flower-bed with yellow tulips President Kennedy.
     White tulip Portofino with dew drops.
     Yellow with pink blend tulip flower.
     Fringed tulip Davenport of orange colour.
     Classic red tulip.
     Downglow tulip of NBG collection.
     Yellow tulips President Kennedy.
     Flower-bed of many-colored tulips.
     Two tulips Davenport, orange with yellow fringe.
     Pale-yellow tulip Dasystemon.
     Large double tulips Gerbrand Kieft.
     A clump of Cape Cod tulips in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Liliaceous tulip Mariette of pink colour.
     Three Rosario tulips on a lawn.
     Tulip Fidelio, orange with yellow blend.
     Flower-bed with tulips: Hamilton and Davenport.
     Orange tulip President Kennedy, view from above.
     Yellow fringed tulips with red stripes.
     White liliaceous tulip.
     Dark-red tulip Gavota with yellow stripes.
     Purple tulip Passionale.
     Double flower of tulip Orange Princess.
     Red-white tulip Portofino with dewdrops
     Yellow fringed tulip with red strips.
     Pink tulip Mariette on a flower-bed.
     Brown tulip of Nikitsy botanical garden.
     Two orange tulips President Kennedy among the yellow ones.
     White bud of tulip Portofino.
     Tulip White Triumphator.
     Pink tulip Mariette from Nikitsky botanical garden
     Two tulips President Kennedy among the leaves.
     White tulip with purple glow on the petals.
     Red tulips Aladdin blooming in the spring.
     Parrot tulip Texas Gold begins to bloom.
     Viridiflora tulip China Town.
     Late double tulip Blue Diamond.
     Dark-pink peony tulip Queen of Marvel.
     Tulip Mirazh (translation from Russian - Mirage) with a bee flying over.
     Tulip Sineokiy (translation from Russian - Blue-eyed) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Red-and-yellow tulip Flaming Gold.
     Red Darvin hybrid tulip Oxford.
     Orange Darvin hybrid tulip My Lady.
     In the flower of tulip Olimpic Flame.
     Triumph tulip Judith Leyster.
     Orange tulip Koningin Wilhelmina.
     White fringed tulip Daytona.
     Two pink tulips Fringed Family.
     Large-flowered orange-red tulip Scarborough.
     Pink tulips Hadley with white bottom.
     Peony tulip Orange Princess.
     Lily-flowered tulip Ballade White.
     Viridiflora tulip Green Village.
     Tulip Holland's Glory (or Holland's Glorie).
     Two yellow-red tulips Colour Spectacle.
     Red triumph tulip Roulette with two buds.
     Black tulip Recreado. Triumph group.
     Yellow-green tulip Formosa.
     Darwin Hybrid Tulip Tender Beauty.
     Red multiflower tulip Roman-Kosh.
     Tulip Dawnglow of foreign selection.
     Dark-purple tulip Demeter.
     Darwin Hybrid Tulip Olympic Flame.
     Ivory tulip Weber's Parrot with pink edges.
     Orange-red tulip Forgotten Dreams.
     Tulip Babushkiny Skazki (translation from Russian - Grandmother's Tales) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Two Triumph tulips Abu Hassan.
     Fringed tulip Valery Gergiev of red colour.
     Flower of tulip Apeldoorn's Favourite.
     Peony tulip Blue Diamond.
     Flower of tulip Krimsky Step (translation from Ukrainian - Crimean Steppe).
     Light-pink tulip Gander's Rhapsody.
     Rich-pink tulip Domivka Dlya Duymovochki (translation from Ukrainian - House for Thumbelina).
     Orange tulip My Lady.
     New purple tulip numbered 1689/2 of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Mauve with white bottom tulip Preludium.
     Brown tulip Babushkiny Skazki (translation from Russian - Grandmother's Tales).
     Kees Nelis - red tulip with yellow edges.
     Rich-pink tulip Don Quichotte.
     Red and white tulip Tamara.
     Mauve tulip Anne Claire.
     Red with white edges tulip Lustige Witwe.
     Rich-orange tulip Prince of Austria.
     Orange tulip Fidelio.
     White tulip with red strips.
     White and pink tulip Weber's Parrot.
     Fringed tulip Canasta.
     Center of tulip Hamilton.
     Silver-pink tulip bud.
     Flower of pink-lilac tulip.
     Opened tulip Judith Leyster.
     Tulip Davenport of foreign selection.
     Red tulip Apeldoorn's Favourite.
     Darwin Hybrid tulip Scarborough.
     Red tulip Scheffield.
     Brown tulip Babushkiny Skazki (translation from Russian - Grandmother's Tales) with yellow bottom.
     Bicolour tulip Flaming Gold with red plumes on yellow petals.
     Flower of tulip Tender Beauty.
     Red tulips with yellow "plumes".
     Flower of peony tulip Orange Princess.
     Multiflowering tulip Weisse Berliner.
     Exquisite tulip Gavota, chocolate with yellow edges.
     Tulip Krimsky Step (translation from Ukrainian - Crimean Steppe) of NBG selection.
     Bunch of multiflowering tulip Hadley.
     Single early tulip Prince of Austria.
     Lavender tulip Blue Diamond.
     Pink tulip Claudia with white edges.
     Pink tulip with pale-orange blend.
     Red tulip Apeldoorn.
     Orange-yellow tulip Oxford Elite with redness on petals.
     Flower of white tulip Daytona with chafer sitting on a petal.
     Darvin Hybrid tulip Forgotten Dreams.
     Flower of fringed tulip Hamilton.
     Red tulip Canasta with white fringe.
     Single early tulip Christmas Marvel.
     Bicolour tulip Kees Nelis.
     Tulips Plamenniy (translation from Russian - Flaming) of NBG selection.
     Figure made of petals and stamens in the center of tulip Apeldoorn's Favourite.
     Double tulip Carnaval de Nice.
     Purple tulip 1689/2.
     Soft pink tulip of NBG collection.
     Unique chocolate-yellow tulip Abu Hassan.
     Mauve tulip Posmishka Fortuni (translation from Ukrainian - Smile of Fortune).
     Large bicolor tulip.
     Tulip Daytona with opened fringed petals.
     Darwin Hybrid tulip Holland's Glory.
     Pink multiflora tulip Fringed Family.
     Three red tulips in Nikitsky garden.
     Triumph tulip Merry Widow (Lustige Witwe).
     Flower of tulip Weber's Parrot.
     Two-coloured tulip Claudia.
     Single tulip Ruby Red.
     Darwin Hybrid tulip Dawnglow.
     Tulip bud of ruby and white colour.
     Two tulips Flaming Gold.

     Iris petal with yellow beard.
     White and yellow iris Aura Light.
     Pale-rose topped irises with darker low petals.
     Light-beige iris with orange beards.
     Light violet iris Rolling Thunder.
     Iris Going Home most showy in group planting.
     Iris Brandy in Nikitsky botanical garden iris festival.
     Iris Olympic Challenge with orange beards.
     Blue-violet iris Edith Wolford with yellow top.
     Apricot iris with brown veins on the petals.
     Flower of iris Rolling Thunder.
     Purple iris Cherry Glen.
     Pale-yellow iris Heritage Lace.
     Purple-white iris Starwoman.
     Creamy iris At Sundown with light-orange beards.
     Iris Spanish Leather wth yellow beards.
     Tall bearded iris Copper and Snow.
     Light yellow iris Limelighter.
     Tan-brown iris Juan Valdez.
     Light violet iris Mary Frances.
     Purple with pinkish blend iris Scintillation.
     Caramel iris English Charm with light-coloured top.
     Purple and white iris Dream Lover.
     Iris Blue Reflection with yellow irises Limelighter.
     Iris Emphasis with a bee on one of the petals.
     Dark-purple iris Back in Black.
     Iris with soft peach petals.
     Iris Brandy with buds.
     Light pink iris Morning Hymn.
     Iris Juan Valdez of foreign selection.
     Bicoloured iris Blazing Sunrise.
     MD winner - iris Celebration Song.
     Henna red iris Commando.
     Peach-orange iris Olympic Challenge.
     Flowering iris Stop the Music.
     Pink and lilac iris Sweet Musette.
     Iris Color Splash begins to bloom.
     Iris Rolling Thunder at the highest point of blooming.
     Bicolor iris flower with a bud.
     Yellow iris with beards.
     Iris Spanish Leather.
     Peach-orange flower of iris Olympic Challenge.
     Bicolor iris Wizard of ID.
     Iris Fashion Designer.
     Wild slateblue iris.
     Yellow iris on a short stem.
     Variety Cherry Glen with purple petals.
     Brown iris with flower chafer on a petal.
     Iris Color Splash with pink standars.
     Iris Olympic Challenge with a bud.
     Brown and white iris Copper and Snow.
     White and blue iris Classic Look.
     Light peach iris Blazing Sunrise with white top.
     Iris Going Home with a bee on a petal.
     Bicoloured iris Scintillation of TB group.
     Pale-yellow iris Sky Hooks.
     White iris America with pale-purple edges.
     Flower of iris English Charm with a bud.
     Black iris with orange beards.
     Two white-blue flowers of iris Starwoman.
     Light salmon iris with orange beards.
     Many-coloured iris Depeche Mode.
     White iris Emphasis with broad violet edges.
     Yellow and blue iris Edith Wolford.
     Iris Dream Lover of Nikitsky botanical garden collection.
     Iris Brandy with marvellously coloured petals.
     Ruffled flower of iris Morning Hymn.
     Two tone blue iris Royal Crusader.
     Flower of iris Aura Light.
     Two blooming irises Commando.
     Chocolate-white iris Stop the Music.
     Yellow iris Temple Gold.
     Cream-yellow iris Limelighter.
     Silver-blue iris Blue Reflection.
     Flower of iris Sweet Musette.
     Flower of iris King's Tribute.
     Bright yellow iris Luxor Gold.
     Light pink iris Samurai Mood.
     Violet iris with white strips on the petals.
     Iris plicata Classic Look.
     Purple and white iris Gay Parasol.
     Dark-purple iris King's Tribute.
     Iris King's Tribute in Nikitsky garden.
     Two plicata irises with yellow standards.
     Light pink iris Celebration Song.
     Flower of purple iris Soul Music.
     Iris Ginger Swirl with HM and AM awards.
     Black iris with reddish shimmer.
     Two flowers of iris Classic Look.
     Caramel-pink iris with stripes on falls.
     Iris Sweet Musette in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Excellent iris About Town with ladybird on the petal.
     Pink iris Celebration Song with a bud.
     Iris Soul Music.
     Light-blue iris begins to bloom.
     Bright yellow iris with orange beards.
     Bicolor iris with blue top and white falls with blue brims.
     Violet-blue iris Rolling Thunder.
     Blue iris Revolution.
     Bright orange bearded iris.
     Blue and purple iris About Town.
     Bicolor iris with milk-white top and blue falls.
     Beige and blue iris with orange beards.
     Bicolor iris of Nikitsky garden collection.
     Double iris flower of orange colour.

     Sylphide anemones. Two flowers.
     Marigolds with rain drops.
     Canna lily Cleopatra - yellow with red dots.
     Flowers of Mr. Fokker anemones.
     Sunflower Teddy Bear begins to bloom.
     Pale-lilac flower with yellow center.
     Red white primrose.
     Rosy flower of magnolia.
     Daffodil (narcissus) Tahiti.
     A double snowdrop flower.
     Yellow flower coreopsis and a bug.
     Bright-pink water lily with a bud.
     Aquilegia William Guinness.
     Two rosy peonies.
     Image of red poppy flower
     Pink zinnia.
     Pink and white daisies in Chersonesos.
     Purple Columbine flowers.
     Blue anemones Mr. Fokker.
     Ipheion uniflorum Wisley Blue.
     Two Cosmos flowers.
     Crimson primrose Alaska Rose.
     Cosmos flower and a shield-bug.
     Water-lily and reflection.
     Marigold - 3.
     A pussy-willow sprig.
     Double zinnia Crimson Monarch
     Anemone flowers in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pale pink Cosmos flower with eight petals.
     Bright yellow ornamental sunflower Teddy Bear.
     Image of marigold flower-bed
     Dark pink aquilegia.
     Crimean thistle.
     Two water lilies in Nikitsky Botanical Garden pond.
     Two snowdrops.
     Maroon Marigold.
     Rose aquilegia flower.
     Pink flower
     Summer Gaillardia.
     Iris Bold fashion.
     Apricot blooming.
     Purple Echinacea.
     White cerastium - snow-in-summer.
     Snowball tree corymb of white flowers.
     Poppy anemones in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     First spring dandelion.
     Snowdrop flower. Close up.
     Autumn yellow flower.
     Magenta zinnia flower.
     Pussy-willow catkins close-up.
     Orange primrose Target Orange
     Deeppink cosmos flower with yellow center.
     Bright-pink nymphea (water-lily).
     White lilac blossom.
     Marigold flowers Safari Scarlet.
     Viburnum inflorescence.
     Anemones blooming in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Double zinnia Violet
     Bright orange zinnia flower.
     Almond flower.
     Yellow daffodils.
     Pussy-willow flowering shoots.
     Bright pink head of thistle.
     Marigold flowers Bonanza Bolero.
     Rosy bloom on a tree.
     Magenta mallow.
     Iris Luxor Gold.
     Double daisy of pink colour.
     Water lily flowers in a pond.
     Marigold flowers after autumn rain.
     Pale-purple wisteria blossom.
     Flower of purple Aquilegia.
     Yellow autumn flower.
     Yellow daffodil Katie Heath.
     Orange flowers of dimorphoteca.
     Marigold Pinwheel.
     Bright-pink thistle on a lawn.
     Bright pink Cosmos flower.
     Pussy-willow catkins.
     Two Echinacea flowers.
     Bicolor iris First Sensation.
     Coreopsis - yellow flower.
     Glade of snowdrops, first spring flowers.
     Salmon flowers of the climbing rose.
     Sylphide anemones.
     Red hibiscus flower (rosemallow).
     Bright-rose aquilegia flower.
     Purple aquilegia William Guinness.
     Royal crown flower. Close-up.
     Red poppy flower.
     Ornamental sunflower Teddy Bear.
     Pale-pink mallow flower.
     A snowdrop flower under the rays of winter sun.
     Aquilegia Golden Dwarf.
     Red zinnia flower among green leaves.
     Orange flowers Eschscholtzia (california poppy).
     Apple-tree blossom.
     Pale-pink flower.
     A white forest flower with purple dots.
     Dark-blue forest flower.
     Iris Stage Lights.
     Gaillardia on a flower-bed.
     Blue ornamental flower.
     Cerastium flower close-up.
     Small pink flowers on a bed in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pussy-willow sprig.
     White Cosmos flower on a bed, Historical Boulevard.
     Aforest peony.
     Purple aquilegia William Guinness.
     White daisies on a flower-bed.
     Oxythyrea funesta on anemone flower.
     Zinnia flowers.
     Snowdrops in the garden, close-up.
     Leatherleaf viburnum (Viburnum Rhytidophyllum). A white inflorescence with dark-green leaves.
     White downy flower.
     Iris Chocolate Swirl.
     Lilac beriies of Calicarpa Bodinierii Profusion.
     Wooly pussy-willow catkins.
     Dwarf Iris with blue beards.
     Flowers of primula Select Red.
     Double zinnia Polar Bear
     Slate-blue iris flower.
     Greater celandine flower.
     Thistle head.
     Poppies in Chersonesos.
     Kniphofia (Tritoma).
     Two purple forest flowers.
     Chinese snowball (Viburnum macrocephalum).
     Brugmansia: Angel's Trumpet.
     Apple tree brunch in blossom.
     Yellow dandelion.
     Racemes of wisteria - climbung vine.
     Orange marigold flowers.
     Spiraea (Meadowsweet) flowers.
     Canna-lily Wyoming of orange colour.
     Common Mallow (Malva Sylvestris).
     Pale-pink gladiolus.
     A hip.
     White inflorescence of Leatherleaf Viburnum.
     Crimson mallow.
     Uncommon furry spikelet.
     Lilac flower.
     Primrose bed with orange and pink flowers.
     Water-lily surrounded by dark-green leaves.
     Chersonesos daisies.
     Crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis rubra).
     Autumn flowers of pink Cosmos.
     Crimson flower of Cosmos.
     Pale-pink Cosmos flower.
     Double sunflower Teddy Bear.
     Blue autumn flowers of Crimean woods.
     Bright pink geranium flowers.
     Canna-lily Unost' (Youth) of Nikitsky botanical garden selection.
     Pink flower Ageratum.
     Inflorescence with lilac and white flowers.
     Funny forest-flower with fishtail shaped petals.
     Bright-yellow daisy-like flower with a bud.
     Yellow dandelion close-up.
     Forest daisy with pale-pink petals.
     Delicate flowers of Scilla Difolia.
     Wild yellow flower looks like Buttercup.
     White daisy on a flower-bed.
     White flower looks like lily of the valley.
     Tiny blue foget-me-not flowers with yellow centers.
     Pink daisies in Nikitsky Garden.
     Cluster of ivory flowers with purple veins.
     Thistle bud with bright-pink top.
     Flower of lilac colour with five petals.
     Meadow flowers of yellow colour.
     Small yellow dandelion flower.
     Wild camomile (Matricaria chamomilla).
     Redpoppy pistil and stamens close-up.
     Wild bur with pink flower.
     Orange flower of calendula close-up.
     White daisies - queens of sping garden.
     Bright pink flower of Compositae family.
     Yellow daylily (Hemerocallis L.) with buds.
     Pale-pink daylily flower surrounded with leaves.
     Plant with small white flowers.
     Jasmin flower after the rain
     Jasmin bud with rain drops
     Jasmin after the rain
     Jasmin sprig with folded flowers
     Jasmin twig with rain drops
     Flower buds with raindrops
     Poppy flower with raindrops
     Wild fennel (Nigella damascena)
     Calendula flower with raindrops
     Meadowsweet (spirea)

     Red wild berries on a sprig.
     Silver Berry (Elaeagnus argentea) on the canal shore in Armyansk.
     Knobbles on a fir-tree twig.
     Chestnut bud.
     Cherry-tree buds on a sprig.
     Withered bolls of goldenrain tree (Koelreuteria paniculata).
     New leaves.
     Plum-tree in blossom.
     Wild vine.
     A chestnut on a stub.
     Maple leaf.
     Blue fur.
     White almond flowers.
     Red currant ripening on a twig.
     Fir cones.
     Cypress from Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Pine sprigs.
     Platan ball-shaped cluster of seeds.
     Japanese quince (Chaenomeles) flowers.
     Flowering almond-tree.
     Forsythia flowers.
     Spring hello.
     Quince-tree ovary-fruit with withered petals.
     Maple with golden leaves .
     New knobbles on a fir-tree sprig.
     Fiery-red maple.
     Pink blossom on a tree branch.
     Egg-shaped cones on a fir-tree.
     Boletus luteus under pine needles.
     Wild black berries.
     Ripening blackberries.
     Opened chestnut.
     Pink buds starting to bloom.
     Autumn apricot-tree.
     Yellow forsythia blooming.
     Three ball-shaped platan seed clusters.
     Oval-shaped fir cones on a tree.
     Japanese quince (Chaenomeles).
     Pink blossom on a tree.
     Pine brunchlet.
     Ripening cherry-plums.
     Last season cone on pine-tree needles.
     Moss on a dead twig.
     Tall relic tree in Nikitsky botanical garden.
     Boletus rubellus with red cap.
     A bolete from Crimean woodlands.
     Lactarius torminosus
     Pine-tree on a mountain slope near Balaklava.
     Spring buds on a tree sprig.
     White blossom on a tree with green leaves.
     Clusters of wisteria with light purple flowers.
     Chestnut pyramid blossom with white flowers.
     White flowers of Spiraea bush.
     A toadstool with grey scales.
     Puffball (Lycoperdon perlatum).
     Ink Cap (Coprinopsis atramentaria).
     Lepiota cristata (Fr.) Kumm.
     Newly appeared Coprinopsis atramentaria.
     Two mushrooms among fallen leaves.
     A fungus of Hydnaceae family.

     Blue blood.
     The Guardian.
     A puppy.
     Mongrel's glance.
     White shaggy dog.
     102-nd Dalmatian.
     Portrait of a Dalmatian.
     Sleeping away.
     Half asleep dog.

     Grey cat glance.
     Three-colored cat. Posed willingly.
     onfrontation: the winner takes it all.
     Green-eyed cat.
     Red cat. Mewing.
     Blue-eyed male cat. Portrait.
     Small frightened kitten.
     Stern cat.
     Peaceful dream - 1.
     Fluffy grey cat. Portrait.
     Three-colored cat.
     Smoke-coloured cat with tongue hanging out.
     Grey cat with golden eyes - 1.
     Ginger cat in a grass.
     Red cat. Near the porch, looking around.
     Fluffy grey cat.
     Adult cat Matroskin.
     White-red cat. Portrait.
     Summer sleep of a red vagrant.
     Red cat resting.
     Three-colored cat. Slightly excited.
     Spring fights.
     Grey cat with golden eyes - 2.
     Misty eyes.
     Blue-eyed male cat. Evening rest.
     Smoke-white kitten.
     Red cat dream.
     Owner of a white car.
     What is your dream about?
     Frightened kitten.
     Peaceful dream - 2.
     Not a kitten already, not a cat yet.
     Three-colored cat.
     A grey stripy cat.
     Red cat. Under the lilac-tree.
     A thoughtful cat.
     Curious cat.
     Kittens in the thicket near palm-tree.
     Cat sleeping on a beach-lounge.
     White cat dozing in the sun.

     Frog in a pond.
     A snake on brown leaves.
     Spotted river frog.
     A frog among water-lily flowers.
     Frog and water-lily bud.
     Lizard on a tree-trunk.
     The kid.
     Swimming frog in a pond of Nikitsky Botanical Garden.
     Lizard warming in the sunrays.
     Lizard on a rock.
     Lizard hiding in the shadows.
     Lizard on a trunk. Zoom.
     A black donkey.
     A picture of a black donkey.
     Crying donkey.
     A frog swimming among the water-lily leaves.
     A lizard on a rock.
     A lizard on last fall leaves.
     An emerald lizard.
     Black boar in a pen.
     Sow and young pig.
     Black piglet sucking udder.
     Black Vietnamese piglet.

     Swans in Sevastopol. A young grey swan. Photo 1.
     Swans in Sevastopol. A young grey swan. Photo 2.
     Swans in Sevastopol. A young grey swan. Photo 3.
     Swans in Sevastopol. A young grey swan. Photo 4.
     Swans in Sevastopol. A young grey swan. Photo 5.
     Swans in Sevastopol. A young grey swan. Photo 6.
     Swans in Sevastopol. Swan-flock in Omega bay.
     Swans in Sevastopol. A young grey swan flapping.
     Migrant birds spend the winter in Sevastopol. A mallard drake (Anas platyrhynchos).
     A sea gull flushing from the water.
     The Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula) and the Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos).
     Migrant birds spend the winter in Sevastopol. Two mallard drakes (Anas platyrhynchos).
     Migrant birds spend the winter in Sevastopol. The female mallard (Anas platyrhynchos).
     Migrant birds spend the winter in Sevastopol. A mallard drake (Anas platyrhynchos).
     Migrant birds spend the winter in Sevastopol. Two young female mallards (Anas platyrhynchos).
     Migrant birds spend the winter in Sevastopol. A couple of mallards (Anas platyrhynchos).
     Migrant birds spend the winter in Sevastopol. TheCommon Pochard (Aythya ferina).
     Ducks gather in mixed flocks to outlive the winter.
     Ostrich female.
     Migrant birds spend the winter in Sevastopol. A couple of mallards (Anas platyrhynchos).
     Doves kissing.
     A gull nestling - 5.
     A sparrow in a bush.
     Red-beak gull - 1.
     A gull on a rock.
     A gull in the sky.
     A magpie in a cypress-bush.
     A gull nestling - 3.
     A little bird on ancient ruins - 2.
     A couple of doves - 2.
     White dove. Almost white - 1.
     Try to fly.
     Adult gull.
     Red-beak gull - 2.
     A gull nestling - 1.
     A gull nestling in a company.
     A gull nestling - 2.
     A gull nestling - 4.
     Sparrows - 1.
     Chersonesos dove - 1.
     Chersonesos dove - 2.
     A little bird on ancient ruins - 1.
     A couple of doves - 1.
     White dove. Almost white - 2.
     Chersonesos sparrow.
     White-and-brown goose.
     Goose with white-and-brown feathering.
     Black ostrich male.
     Ostrich head.
     Grey pigeon on a rocky ledge.

     Hoverfly on a snowdrop flower.
     Many-coloured Shield Bug.
     Misumena spider attacking a fly.
     Chrysanthemum Zolotoy Podsolnuh (Golden Sunflower) with an insect.
     Forest butterfly on a flower-bud.
     Painted Lady Butterfly (Cynthia cardui) on a marigold flower.
     Black-and-white butterfly sitting on the orange flower.
     A bee gathering nectar on a pussy-willow.
     Oxythyrea funesta on the petal.
     Shiled-bug on a Cosmos flower.
     Hoverfly on a red chrysanthemum.
     Hoverfly sitting on orange flower.
     Papilio Rumanzovia Butterfly female. Black on red.
     Bee on Zolotaya Rybka chrysanthemums.
     Tan butterfly on a spikelet.
     A caterpillar with black and orange strips.
     Painted Lady Butterfly (Cynthia cardui) on a zinnia.
     Bee on a purple Aquilegia flower.
     Grasshopper colored like camouflage.
     Male and female Meadow brown butterflies on a bramble flower.
     Grey spider on a tree bark.
     Graphosoma italicum tree-bug.
     A bee in a chrysanthemum Dramatic.
     Green tree-bug.
     Bee on a Medea chrysanthemum flower.
     Tree Nymph butterfly (Rice Paper Butterfly Idea leuconoe).
     Winged insect on a pussy-willow. Close-up.
     Bee on a chrysanthemum flower.
     A butterfly on a marigold flower.
     Bee on yellow chrysanthemum.
     Cabbage white butterfly on Mahonia flowers.
     Hoverfly on a chrysanthemum Dramatic flower.
     Bumblebee on Echinacea flower.
     Green bug with black and white spots.
     Green-spotted butterfly (Graphium Agamemnon).
     Flying insect over pink chrysanthemums.
     Butterfly with an "eye" on its wing.
     Black and white bugs: sweet couple.
     Rumanzovia Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio Rumanzovia). Spreading the wings.
     Bombilius major over a flower.
     Caterpillar on a green leaf.
     Black butterfly with sandy-brown and white spots on its wings.
     A dew-dropped chrysanthemum flower with a bee.
     Young butterfly Troides Rhadamantus.
     A bee and chrysanthemums Sadko.
     Bee on a bicolor marigold flower.
     Green Shield Bug.
     Red chrysanthemums and a hoverfly.
     A Meadow brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina) on a bramble leaf.
     Green caterpillar with black stripes and red spots.
     Long-winged butterfly among the green.
     Cabbage white butterfly on yellow flowers.
     Black bug with red and white dots.
     Ladybird crawling on a green blade.
     A butterfly on a marigold flower.
     A bee and chrysanthemums Ponsh.
     Chrysanthemum Dramatic and an insect.
     Black-and-white butterfly on a dry leaf.
     Chrysalis on a sprig.
     Ladybird on a pussy-willow catkin.
     Two Shield Bugs on a hibiscus leaf.
     Spring hoverfly on a snowdrop.
     Bee on a yellow flower of barbarea.
     A Meadow brown butterfly (Maniola Jurtina) feeding on a bramble flower.
     Black and white shield-bug.
     Bee gathering nectar from small flowers.
     Bee with pollen in bags on its legs.
     Black-and-yellow butterfly on water-lily leaves.
     A couple of Meadow brown butterflies (Maniola jurtina) on a bramble flower.
     A Meadow brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina) sipping nectar on a bramble flower.
     A Meadow brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina) sipping nectar on a bramble inflorescence.
     Hoverfly in Dramatic chrysanthemum.
     Zolotaya Rybka chrysanthemums with a bee.
     Green mantis.
     A bee on a dark-rosy chrysanthemum.
     Bee in the center of chrysanthemum.
     Autumn butterfly (Cynthia cardui).
     Lilac chrysanthemum flowers and a bee.
     Orange marigold flower and hoverfly.
     Painted Lady Butterfly (Cynthia cardui) on a sprig.
     Painted Lady Butterfly (Cynthia cardui) on a zinnia flowers
     Painted Lady Butterfly and violet flowers.
     A midge sitting on a on a pussy-willow.
     A bee on a pussy-willow.
     Bee in autumn chrysanthemum flower.
     Rice Paper Butterfly Idea Leuconoe.
     Bumblebee on Aquilegia flower.
     Large orange chrysanthemum with a bee
     A hairy bumblebee...
     A black flying insect over a peach-tree flowers.
     Bee sitting on yellow inflorescence.
     Cabbage white butterfly on a grass sprig.
     Bumblebee on a pink flower Echinacea.
     Green shiled-bug with white spots.
     Bee's delight - autumn chrysanthemums.
     Bee among dew-dropped flowers.
     Ladybird on a pine-tree bough.
     Grey grasshopper.
     Three chrysanthemums Aquarelle and a hoverfly.
     Orange chrysanthemum Goldfish.
     Pale-orange chrysanthemum Dramatic.
     Two butterflies on orange flowers.
     Bee and chrysanthemums Sadko.
     Rumanzovia Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio Rumanzovia). Breakfast on a lilac flower.
     Papilio Rumanzovia drying out its wings.
     Butterfly appears from the cocoon.
     Idea Leuconoe butterfly and white flowers.
     Autumn Chrysanthemum Dramatic and a hoverfly.
     Midge on a spring yellow flower.
     Two red ladybirds on yellow flower.
     Bee on a white daisy flower.
     Oxythyrea funesta inside red tulip flower.
     Bee gathering pollen on a white flower.
     Bee inside red tulip flower.
     Black beetle on a flower of rocket-cress (Barbarea vulgaris).
     Ladybird under the bramble leaf.
     Red ladybird with black spots.
     Bee gathering pollen on a dandelion.
     Big snail crawling on the rock.
     Grey butterfly with black and orange spots on its wings.
     Snail with stretched tentacles.
     Red ladybird on a velvety leaf.
     Butterfly Polyommatus Icarus.
     Mylabris variabilis with yellow and black wings.
     Mylabris quadripunctata on immortelle flower.
     Green beetle on rose flowers.

     Columns of the basilica of 1935 year on sea background.
     Sevastopol. Chersonesos. August storm.
     North-Crimean canal.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel. Inlaid icon.
     Sevastopol. Port bay.
     Sevastopol. Cape Hrustalniy.
     Sevastopol. Dome of the tower of Winds.
     Basilica of 1935 year and the columns.
     Krakow building.
     Sevastopol. Tower of Winds. Nott with a pitcher.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel. Angel.
     Minsk. The monument.
     Sailer and sunset.
     St. Vladimir church and a column.
     Winged boy. Minsk.
     Memorial on Primorsky Boulevard. To the hero-ships perished in battles.
     Night Minsk.
     Karlovy Vary. Flower-bed.
     Chersonesos. Two columns of the basilica of 1935 year.
     Sevastopol. A yacht.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel. Arch with three bells.
     Karlovy Vary. Carriage.
     Sevastopol. Chersonesos. August storm and sunset.
     Odessa. The street.
     Sunset in Sevastopol.
     Sevastopol Lunacharsky Theatre.
     Sevastopol. Kornilov monument on Malakhov Hill.
     Minsk. Library building.
     A part of Chersonesos defensive wall and a st. Vladimir church.
     Rain in Kiev.
     Sevastopol. Blue fur and a lamp.
     Sevastopol. A launch floating in a bay.
     Basilica of 1935 year in Chersonesos.
     Sevastopol. Chersonesos. Saint Vladimir Church.
     Fog bell.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel - fragment 3.
     Basilica of 1935 year and the sea.
     Sevastopol. Central Hill. Tower of Winds.
     Summer Chersonesos. Basilica of 1935 year.
     Sevastopol. Chersonesos. A breaker-wave.
     Sevastopol. Tower of Winds. Zephyr with flowers.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Saint George chapel. Gilded angel.
      sailer in the sunset light.
     Chersonesos ruins. Arch openings.
     Chersonesos. Basilica in the basilica.
     Sevastopol. Saint Vladimir Church in Chersonesos.
     Chersonesos. Ancient street.
     Sevastopol. Launch.
     Sevastopol. Summer storm in Chersonesos.
     Minsk. The road.
     Zeno tower.
     Chersonesos. A picture of the basilica of 1935 year and the sea.
     Sevastopol. Nikita apartment balcony.
     White lonely boat.
     Sevastopol. Stela in Artbuhta.
     Sevastopol. Sapun Hill. Dome of the chapel decorated with gilded angel.
     Ancient quarters.
     A part of defending wall in Chersonesos.
     The Sunken Ships Monument in Sevastopol.
     Winter mountains.
     South Coast of the Crimea.
     Rocky mountains of the South Coast.
     Jur-Jur waterfall in the spring.
     Walls of the Sudak fortress.
     Sudak view from the fortress.
     A fairy-tale cat. Sculpture in Kiev.
     Lady and her admirer. Sculpture in Kiev.
     Armyansk. A small path in the field.
     St. Vladimir church and an arch.
     Red-roofed pergjla in Chersonesos.
     Vladimirsky Cathedral on city hill.
     Entrance of Balaklava Bay.
     View of Balaklava from Genoese fortress.
     Rocky beach near Balaklava.
     View of Genoese fortress and bay entrance from the mountain path.
     Saint Vladimir church in Chersonesos.
     Stele of SaintGeorge in Victory Park.
     Top part of Saint George monument.
     Memorial on Malakhov barrow.
     Eternal flame on Malakhov barrow after reconstruction in spring 2009.
     Black cannon discovered in 1956 on Malakhov barrow.
     One of the cannons on Malakhov barrow.
     Eternal flame pillar on Malakhov barrow.
     Cannon-ball cross under Kornilov monument.
     Nakhimov monument in Sevastopol.
     Alley of Hero-cities in Sevastopol.
     Central library building in Sevastopol.
     Tower and spire of Matrossky Club.
     Ships in Sevastopol bay.
     Yacht sailing by Konstantinovsky ravelin.
     Ships in the bay - view from Leninsky Komsomol square.
     Slopes of Zailiysky Alatau (Trans-Ili Alatau).
     Flood in the mountains of Zailiysky Alatau.
     Blue flowers on Zailiysky Alatau slopes.
     Zailiysky Alatau (Trans-Ili Alatau).

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